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4 Foundational Principles for Harmony in Your Home

I wish that someone had given me a blueprint for leading my best life years ago. I am thankful that I can share my more than 20 years of academic and experiential insights with you to help you design your own inspired life. Practicing the Home in Harmony lifestyle guided me to a healthy, vibrant, and joyful existence. Although my life has had its share of trials, I am grateful for the journey—which has also been filled with glorious moments that have left me in awe. Each moment, good or bad, has brought me to where I am today. Collectively,…

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The Law of Appreciation

By Sheevaun Moran. When leaders are complimentary in their mind towards their group, staff, vendors, family, etc. then discord can be easily disintegrated. The energy of the leader at the top is the energy of all the people below. A thought of anger permeates the entire organization and is just like putting a cog in the wheel of productivity. Frustration energy is like putting battery acid on your computer. Every time you appreciate the person who works with you and for you is like putting grease in the gears. The energy of appreciation is as if you are creating the…

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Keeping Your Orientation – In Life and Work (Avoiding Unnecessary Missteps)

By Michele Howe. Taking a misstep here would be fatal. Taking a misstep in daily life happens more often than we realize (with perhaps not fatal results, but otherwise unhealthy ones.) Why? It's so easy to lose our focus (lose our orientation) because of the demands placed on us by others (and ourselves.) Keeping your orientation is one principle that crosses over into every area of life. Home. Work. Health. Play. Not convinced? See how this phrase, "Keeping Your Orientation" put me on notice after a fast-paced morning in the operating room. Not too long ago, I was given the…

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