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As I looked back over my journey from fear to love, I discovered Twelve Keystones that I had to embody, or perhaps I should say master, so that I could reclaim my happiness and awaken to the truth of my magnificence. Through teaching about my experiences, I found they apply universally. I have shared them here!

You are the playwright of your own life! The backdrop for life is like a Magical Theatre, and as the star of the production, we are each free to create our own roles, changing them at will but first we need to investigate the myth, truth, and magic of our lives and discover what is working or not. Magical means anything is possible. We are limited only by our choices.

Your perceptions create your reality! What is real? Everyone in the Magical Theatre thinks they can personally identify objective standardsof physical and emotional reality, when in fact everyone operates from a singularly unique point of view. We need to release the point of view that our subjective thoughts and emotions form the foundation of a fixed reality that can stand the test of time.

You are not the voices in your head! Who makes the decisions that run our lives? If we listen closely, we can identify fearful voices trying to direct the action of our life’s script. To escape their influence we can turn to our own impartial observer, a compassionate and loving presence who is the eyes and ears of our heart and available to reliably make supportive decisions.

Self-love silences the critic! The dominant voice in any cast is the tyrannical critic—the inner judge who critically sizes up our every word, decision, and action. This punitive approach to self-improvement doesn’t work. What does work is to employ the efforts of our impartial observer and interrupt the criticism with an antidote of self-love. This begins paving the way for a more joyful and expansive life.

Free yourself from false beliefs! False beliefs perpetuate melodramas of unhappiness, keeping us entrenched in life-constricting myths and disabling us from playing a fabulous starring role in our own production. To gain freedom from insidious beliefs, we need to root them out and see that, although they’ve governed our reactions for a long time, they are lies. Beliefs born of fear cannot withstand the light of truth.

Sacrifice your mask to save your soul! Nearly everyone in the Magical Theatre presents a false persona of self-righteousness for fear of being seen as wrong. Removing the mask implies taking the position of no position, allowing the impartial observer within us to witness the situation without needing to change it. We must cultivate forgiveness for ourselves and others, releasing the need to be seen as right.

Be present in the heart of Now! Discovering our authenticity requires not a journey of self-betterment, but a sojourn into the heart of now. The present moment happens to be the only point in time where new choices can be made. The moment is all we need, for only in the present moment can we can take responsibility for our emotional experience of life. Being present in the moment helps us take emotional responsibility, dodge the dangers of denial and blame.

Patience is the fastest way to the authentic self! Self-awareness does not generally come in a flash of illumination; instead it requires patience for what matters is not speed but the absorption of wisdom. The path to self-awareness is like a spiral, a fluid progression of stages that leads an individual forward at the pace most advantageous to them. Rather than intellectually understanding each stage, we must actually experience the lessons in order to progress.

Use your voice to speak the truth! Honest communication originates in the heart, where the spark of divine wisdom resides. We need to learning to openly expose who we are and how we feel—regardless of the particular audience. When we express ourselves with candor, we discover the richness of our own authenticity. This authentic self-expression entails fearless articulation of the spirit of the divine at our core—and it all begins and ends with love.

Live from your heart to express your soul! The soul is our direct connection to the Divine, and it expresses through the heart. The soul is our abiding connection to the heart of the Divine Mystery. It communicates with all of creation through the heart, and we experience this expression as love. Love—not romantic love, but the soul’s love that flows directly from the heart of Creation—allows us to achieve the highest form of human possibility by living authentically.

Accept what is without need for improvement! Acceptance is the elixir at the core of awakening. Acceptance of ourselves, along with everyone and everything in the Magical Theatre, is the key that unlocks our awareness. Acceptance is an action that, unlike passive resignation, embodies the ability to lovingly release ourselves from attachment to the outcomes of events or situations. Active acceptance means removing the armor of defiance and trusting in the wisdom of the Divine Mystery.

All is perfection! Awakening from the illusion of fear offers the ultimate gift: we are a reflection of the divine spark, and are born whole and faultless. Acknowledging that we reflect the divine at work in the universe awakens within us the knowledge that love is our birthright, perfection our inheritance, and happiness our legacy.

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Gini Gentry’s teachings stem from the heart of Toltec wisdom while at the same time embracing the unity of truth held within all the mystery traditions.  She is committed to revealing the love, honest reflection, and outrageous joy that is our divine birthright with a provocative and often humorously entertaining style.

Gini first met don Miguel Ruiz in 1988.  Several years later she was approached and asked to manage don Miguel after his wife Gaya dreamed Gini would expose his work to the masses.  Gini accepted the position, and immersed herself in the work.  As she personally deepened into the knowledge of the Toltec tradition, she organized and expanded the reach of the teachings including developing “power journeys” with Ruiz for thousands of followers to locations such as Hawaii, Peru, Egypt, Greece, Canada and many sacred sites in Mexico, including Teotihuacan, the heart of the Toltec tradition.

After a few short years, Gini became the Nagual Woman (female spiritual leader) in the Toltec lineage brought forward by Ruiz. Working with don Miguel as his teaching partner, they traveled the world reaching thousands of people through lectures, workshops and journeys to sacred sites.

As once prophesized, Gini became the marketing mastermind that brought Miguel’s teaching to the public. She found the perfect ghostwriter/publisher in Janet Mills and served as the content editor of the New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements.

While Ruiz’s fame began its meteoric rise, Gini built a retreat center at her ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico, to expand her personal teachings with student residency programs and workshops. Known for combining her unique empathic abilities and interest in the feminine face of the Great Mystery, Gini enjoys success on talk-radio and as a featured speaker at new-thought conferences. Gini continues to combine her unique blend of knowledge through her blog, workshops, and several annual guided journeys to sacred sites around the world.

Gini is the author of Dreaming Down Heaven, available on September 29, 2010 and is featured in the documentary Dreaming Down Heaven slated to be released later this year. She continues to share her unique blend of knowledge through guided journeys to sacred sites around the world, her much followed teachings on Facebook, workshops and personal intensives. Her website includes direct links to You Tube videos of her teachings at Teotihuacan. When not traveling to share the love, Gini lives and teaches at the Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center in New Mexico.

Gini Gentry can be contacted at [email protected] and at 505-473-5329.



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  2. Brilliant! Sums up really well many things I have come to understand and set the intention to live by them……………………some days I succeed better than others (:-) my best days are when I do Thank youx

  3. Gini – this is a wonderful 12 step program ! I like using these phrases: act on your own behalf and permission granted today. Thanks for sharing your sensible and implementable plan.

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