I Suffer Too (a Tribute to Robin Williams)

The death of Robin Williams this week has come as a great surprise. Who would of thought that such a brilliant comedian, humanitarian, loving, gentle and successful person could be in so much pain? The death of Robin has certainly caused me to look more deeply into my own patterns and the way I mask my own suffering through comedy and smiley faces. To the public, I am sure I come across as always being positive, but this is far from the truth. Watching and supporting my wife Celeste grieve the loss of her father after he committed suicide three… Read more.

The Power of Tapping Into Your Own Internal Wisdom

How Can I Stop Feeling Bad?

“These days I have become so lazy and shiftless! I don’t do anything except watch TV and sleep. I wanna do something productive like studying or reading but every time I think about this, I have this bad feeling inside me that I just can’t describe, so I convince myself to just relax another time and not do anything. I’ve been doing this boring routine for like 2 weeks now and I’m sick of this and I really wanna change, but I CAN’T! Please, what should I do to remove all these bad thoughts in me and become determined? Thank… Read more.

How Can I Stop Being Depressed?

“What is the spiritual solution for persistent depression that has been longstanding and difficult to understand in terms of why it is present?” ~ Lulu, Cape Coral, FL Dear Lulu, Depression plagues many individuals. I resist cookie-cutter responses because there can be multiple factors contributing to the problem: situational, medical / chemical, and, of course underlying these, karmic. It does no one any good to ponder the causative “why” of depression because that is effectively crystal ball gazing in hopes that a response will provide relief. It won’t. Unless one is a genuine master able to identify specific karmic origins, none can… Read more.