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Craziness Is in the Eye of the Beholder

By B. Lynn Goodwin. "I love my crazy husband," says my battle-gray shirt, which is splotched like an artist's canvas "I love my crazy wife," says a similar one that he wears. We got them on a visit to Padre Island, not far from Corpus Christi, TX, where my husband grew up. The night we purchased them, we also wore them to dinner. Maybe I was grinning self-consciously. More likely I was beaming. A woman in the bar with dark eyes and curly gray hair nodded as she read them. Her eyes were filled with understanding and approval as she…

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Thank You For Being Part of Our Community

Dear Friends, My blog today is a bit different in that it's a personal letter from me to you. Let me start by saying, "Thank you" for being such a valued member of our community. I personally appreciate your support. I wanted to talk with you today about several things that we've been working on for the last few months. Recently you might have noticed a few minor changes to the site where we implemented your recommendations for improvement. We asked, you answered and we responded. We greatly appreciate your input which allows us to constantly improve our site…

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You’re Invited to Embrace Crazy With Me

Today I want to talk with you about something crazy- your ideas. Everyone has had a crazy idea at some point in their life. Perhaps it's the urge to start a new business, move to a different location or to do something outrageous to make a difference in your world. But very few people actually 'Embrace Crazy' and take the first step to implement their crazy idea into their lives. (Embrace Crazy is the name of my new book.) In order to understand what I'm talking about, I want to first define what I mean by the word "crazy". I'm…

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Embracing Crazy in New York

When is the last time you had a really crazy idea? You know what I mean... an idea that is so big it's frightening, but at the same time there is such excitement in the possibility that you can't wait to share it with someone else? Many times in my life when I've shared  an idea with a friend, I've heard, "That's crazy!"  If you're anything like me, you too have had this experience.  Those two words- "That's crazy",  have killed too many dreams and have literally stopped success in its tracks. But what if..... instead of running away from…

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