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Ask Sara: My Fiancé is Grieving… Can This Relationship Work?

"Hi Sara, I discovered you through DailyOM, which I read almost daily. I feel very stuck at the moment and I'm not sure if it's due from my relationship uncertainty or just the fact I need more purpose in my life, but I am taking it out on my fiancé instead. I met him three and a half years ago. His wife had died a year and a half before. The family did not accept me at first and probably kept thinking this would pass and he would move on to the next. We fell in love quickly and have…

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6 Steps To Release Tension and Start Healing

Often people get sick because they stress, push and abuse themselves. Most people are not taught how to love themselves. In fact, they are taught that to listen, care for and honor themselves is selfish. Many people spend their time trying to please others and eventually hurt themselves, which causes resentment, stress and sickness. Often, until you really get angry, discover the cause of your sickness and let it go, you cannot heal. That is exactly what happened in my case, I got angry because nobody could help me and then I discovered that I had the power to tune…

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The Difference Between Exhausted and Tired

I've been tired many more times than I can count in my life but I've only rarely been exhausted. When I’m exhausted I’m on the wrong path and beaten up, down and sideways. Depleted, drained, mentally beaten up, emotionally sucked dry are all feelings that occur when you’re doing something that is in contradiction to what you know is in your highest and best interest. The other day while teaching a class there was a woman in the audience who told us she had a broken ankle that hadn’t healed for 6 months. Now this is a very long time…

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Skillfulness and Subtle Energy – How to Heal and Be Healed

Subtle energy is 95% of our world. If the healer draws on their energy field then their energy gets drained. You often see this when attending conscious type conferences and observe the aged look of many of the practitioners. The objective is to activate the spiritual cord, more so than the ordinary person, so that the energy is drawn from higher vibrational sources. The spiritual cord is developed each incarnation through right thought, right action and right speech. Meditation and having a guide are the ideal ways to develop the spiritual cord because the human tendency is to veer off…

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Blessings to YOU!

Recently, my friend Marci Shimoff shared a story with me that really touched my heart. Her friend CJ was very ill with lupus, but rather than complain about the situation, she was inspired to become a messenger of blessing. Everywhere she went she silently shared this blessing on behalf of others in her life. "May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you live with ease." From strangers on the street, to friends and family, CJ spent a year blessing other people. When waiting in line at the grocery store, she would say her mantra…

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