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Live As If It Were Impossible to Fail

Here's what I've learned in 27 years... Family is everything. It is so important that no matter what you do or where you go, keep family at the forefront. In your dealings with all, strive to be the greatest provider of Value - shun the quick profit and maintain integrity. This will bring you much honour, respect and lasting prosperity. There are so many ways in which we are often expected to govern our lives - some of these ways work and make sense; others do not work and do not make sense. The trick is to find the way…

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Within the last few days the subject of integrity has come up in several conversations. I think there's a buzz in the air, specifically with the upcoming elections, our failing financial institutions and the lack of integrity that we sometime see around us. I sent out a few tweets on Twitter asking, "Integrity is….", and asking friends in the social media world to comment. The comments were interesting and quite consistent: Integrity is… … returning someone's phone call when you say you will … keeping your word even when it's not easy … consistently listening to your soul … keeping…

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