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17 Top Success Tips

I have trouble squeezing anything I write into 500 words or less because first, I talk too much... and second, I don’t know how to count. But I’ll try my best by giving you my top 17 success tips which took me over 30 years to discover. 1. Write down your goals and look at them every day. Follow these 4 steps: Step 1: Write down goals Step 2: Look at goals Step 3: Take action Step 4: Repeat 2. Have a support system in place for when you feel down or depressed. You'll always have "those days" so a…

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Embrace Your Bliss Every Day

True bliss is finding happiness in the moment, in what is. Doing whatever you love in life will bring that happy moment, but first you must figure out what that thing is that's most important to your happiness. And to figure it out takes self-reflection. That's where practice and process needs to happen. Every day. I recommend some practice that makes you pause and look within you like yoga, journaling, mediation or prayer. Whatever you call it. But you must stop consciously every day and do it. This is all it takes. Consistency. Devotion. The biggest discovery you will make…

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