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I have trouble squeezing anything I write into 500 words or less because first, I talk too much… and second, I don’t know how to count. But I’ll try my best by giving you my top 17 success tips which took me over 30 years to discover.

1. Write down your goals and look at them every day.

Follow these 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Write down goals
  • Step 2: Look at goals
  • Step 3: Take action
  • Step 4: Repeat

2. Have a support system in place for when you feel down or depressed.

You’ll always have “those days” so a good coping strategy is mandatory. And no matter how miserable you may feel, remember to repeat the mantra “This will pass” over and over again in your mind.

3. Your unconscious mind is running the show so learn how to communicate with it.

Instead of struggling to use your willpower to overcome your challenges, reprogram yourself with the proper tools (coaching, hypnosis, EFT, etc.) and watch your life get a thousand times easier (and much more fun).

4. Make a list of your accomplishments and look them over at least once a week.

Our brains tend to focus on negativity, so it’s easy to forget how awesome we are. Be grateful for everything you’ve done, everything you have, and everything you’re about to accomplish.

5. Learn people skills above all else.

Quality relationships will take you far. A good place to start is with the book How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

6. Proper nutrition is vital.

Food can affect our moods as much as our body composition. Learn to love healthy eating.

7. Question everything you hear!

Doctors, professors, clergy, etc. are not infallible. They are human just like the rest of us. Always do your own research.

8. Learn to be amazing with the opposite sex.

Satisfying romantic relationships can add a dimension to your life that nothing else can touch. Luckily, it’s a skill set that can be learned.

9. Your beliefs create your universe.

Examine your existing beliefs on a daily basis and work hard to eradicate the ones that hinder your growth.

10. Never stop learning.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn used to say, “Poor people have big TV’s. Rich people have big libraries.” Read, read, and read some more.

11. Hire a coach!

Almost every successful person the world over has worked with a mentor or coach. It’s a prerequisite for success.

12. Lighten up!

There’s a time and a place to be serious but now is not the time. 😉

13. Never sell yourself short. Ever.

The second you label yourself as “not an x kind of person” or tell yourself “I could never do that”, you instantly become correct. And of course, you’ll never change or be anything otherwise! Instead, cultivate a mindset of unlimited possibility. Whatever you don’t understand right now, you will eventually figure out.

14. Learn to love the grunt work.

It’s inevitable, so you might as well enjoy it. Praise and reward yourself when you complete your daily tasks.

15. Keep on moving forward.

The world can be a scary place and you will get beat down occasionally. Just remember that no matter what happens, you can bounce back from it. This realization will help keep you open, loving, and pushing forward despite the obstacles in your path.

16. Stay in control of yourself at all times.

Learn to master your thoughts, actions and emotions and make them work FOR you, not against you.

17. When in doubt, ask for help.

The universe is always listening.

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New York City life coach Jay Cataldo is a model for living life with passion and purpose. A highly sought after performance coach, Jay enables clients to reach past their doubt and fears, and create the lives they truly desire.

Often referred to as a 'Relationship Ninja,' he's helped hundreds of guys all over the world win back their exes and authored a highly acclaimed book on the topic, Get Your Girl Back.

The busy CEO of Relate Right, Inc. specializes in facilitating quick and permanent changes for his clientele. Jay's coaching style is built around his more than 10 years of experience in personal development. He utilizes a variety of proven, psychological techniques (such as NLP, EFT, Focusing and Self-Hypnosis) to assist his clients as they explode through their barriers and design the lifestyles they were meant to live.

Jay isn't the everyday life coach. He addresses challenges at full speed, from all angles. His no nonsense, holistic approach aligns diet, lifestyle, goals and mindset to ensure powerful transformations and lasting successes.

Jay's passion for life comes from his own health challenges. At 19 years of age, Jay was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. While it proved to be a challenging experience, it taught him the necessity of keeping a positive mindset and always pushing forward, despite the obstacles in your path. After conquering cancer, Jay realized that his life's purpose revolves around helping others conquer their own obstacles to health, wealth and happiness.

As the #1 coach on, Jay is best known for his expert dating and relationship advice. However, he also coaches clients in many other areas including stress relief, procrastination issues, building self confidence, overcoming social anxiety, pushing past creative stumbling blocks and more...

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  1. I know what you mean about trying to squeeze a lot of thoughts into a few words. I had to do that in school, but, though difficult, I found the challenge exhilarating. You did a good job doing just that.

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