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From Frustration to Fascination

Life has a way of giving us opportunities to grow, even in the midst of frustrating situations. Sometimes, no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, things just don't line up for us the way we plan. For me personally, the last six months have provided ample opportunity for frustration and growth. For nearly 2 years, my husband and I have been renting a home in Montana. In June we wrote an offer on a foreclosed home, owned by a bank. As we did our due diligence, the bank realized they didn't really own the home, due…

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Be The Change

Yesterday our 44th president was sworn into office. Regardless of who you may have voted for, I think we would all agree that something's going on in America. The air is abuzz with possibility and hope. For me, this is the first time I've witnessed people come together regardless of age, background, ethnicity, political party, gender or economic diversity. It's a beautiful time of hope for the future. For so long many of us have complained about the way things are, but did little to improve the situation. But things are changing. There's a new energy building. Everyday people are…

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Lessons from a Mountain Lion

Yesterday on the drive home from Nashville, across the prairies of Kansas and Eastern Colorado, hawks were my constant companions throughout the drive. Today, while sitting down to write some text for our Global Hug Tour, I looked out the window and saw a huge mountain lion about 40' away from our deck! We live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Boulder, CO and although mountain lions live here, we've never seen one at our home. Seems Mother Nature is talking to me lately and I'm now listening. The past few weeks I've been swamped with the details…

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