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Yesterday on the drive home from Nashville, across the prairies of Kansas and Eastern Colorado, hawks were my constant companions throughout the drive. Today, while sitting down to write some text for our Global Hug Tour, I looked out the window and saw a huge mountain lion about 40′ away from our deck!

P1020186We live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Boulder, CO and although mountain lions live here, we’ve never seen one at our home. Seems Mother Nature is talking to me lately and I’m now listening.

The past few weeks I’ve been swamped with the details of the Global Hug Tour. It’s still a huge dream with a lot of moving parts, and we’re watching it all fall into place- with a lot of work. There have been times that I’ve felt overwhelmed and times that I’ve felt a bit scared, wondering if I’ve bitten off too much to chew this time around.

Today, on this beautiful snowy day in the mountains, I had the time to get quiet and listen, and the Universe showed up with the answers. The Native Americans believed that the Great Spirit would send signs to you in the form of animals. So, after 50 hawks and a mountain lion, I pulled out the book, Medicine Cards, by David Carson, and read…. “Animal medicine teaches you to be observant, to look at your surroundings.  Observe the obvious in everything that you do.  Life is sending you signals.” P1020187

It went on to say, “Hawk energy is a clue about the magic of life being brought to you.  This magic can imbue you with the power to overcome a currently stressful or difficult situation. (Ah, I like this already!) The test is your ability to observe the nuances of power lurking nearby. Pay attention!  You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities. Be aware of signals in your life– so notice and receive them.  The hawk may be teaching you to grab an opportunity which is coming your way.”

I turned next to the mountain lion card, which said, “It is time to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. Others may choose to follow and the lessons will multiply.” Considering the scope of our Global Hug Tour, isn’t that interesting!?

It went on to say “Review the purpose behind your personal beliefs. Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. Panic is not part of this sacred medicine. Roar with conviction, roar with power and remember to roar with laughter to balance the medicine.

Wow, this was something that I needed to hear, even if the message came to me through hawks and a mountain lion! These words resonated and reminded me that I am  a small part of something so much bigger and I have very little to worry about.

If I put the two cards together,  “An opportunity is here- grab it! Roar with conviction, roar with power and remember to laugh along the way”.  That gives me confidence to take the next step, and makes me smile and feel less concerned about the how.

Nature has always been my teacher when I’ve taken the time to pay attention and listen. And just like the lion this morning, if I hadn’t been looking at the exact spot where he passed by, I would have missed him. How many times in life have opportunities passed me by because I wasn’t paying attention?

I’ve lived here for 2 years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a lion at our home. I doubt this is the first time he’s walked this path. Could this be the first time I paid attention? I noticed the hawks- all 50 of them, but it still took a lion to really get my attention and make me turn within. Okay, I’m listening. I’m watching.

I promise to pay attention to every little detail in my life too, at least for today. If I get a telephone call and think I’m too busy to return it now, I’ll return it anyway knowing that serendipity will show up- if I pay attention.  I’ll listen to the wee small voice inside, knowing that all is perfect and I’ll follow the nudges that I hear. I’m paying attention to my thoughts and feelings too and I’ll look for the magic, knowing that it is already here.

An opportunity is here and I’m roaring with conviction, roaring with power and I’m also laughing along the way. Thanks to the hawks and to the mountain lion for showing up. I’m embarrassed that it took so many hawks and even a lion to help me wake up to the beauty around me.

And as I write this last paragraph, the sun is breaking through, the snow has stopped and in my fluffy white, snow covered world, everything is perfect. I am grateful for the animals, for the lessons, for the challenges, and for your friendship. I am blessed.

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  1. Gail, thank you for sharing this. I also have a strong connection to nature and the animals. May I share an experience I had a couple of years ago? There is a forest path that I hike daily in the summer. One morning there was a black bear only about 50 feet away. He was standing up on his back legs, sniffing towards my direction. After the first rush of adreniline, and a quick look to be sure I wasn’t between mama bear and a cub, I had the most amazing moment. I was able to step away from feeling fear, and notice details like how shiny and plushy his coat was, his cute face and little round ears, and the feeling that he was just curious about who was sharing his space in the forest that morning. After looking at each other for a moment, I bowed my head to acknowledge his position and slowly backed up the path. He dropped down to all fours and went the other direction. In going back over the encounter, I believe I was given a lesson to step away from fear, and be open to the beauty and exhileration of new experiences. This came at a time when I was embarking on a totally new career mid-life, and having those thoughts that I must be crazy to try starting something new, who did I think I was, etc. etc. There are messages and lessons around us every day. Thank you for the reminder to be open to receiving them.

  2. Gail don’t be embarressed that it took 50 Hawks and a Lion for you to wake up to the beauty around you. It all happened exactly when it was suppossed to and came with the teachings that you needed exactly when you needed then.
    From the other blogs of yours that i have read you are always acutely aware of the beauty around you!!!!

    Wow a Mountain Lion right on your doorstep!!!!… I expect that is the 1st time he/she has allowed you and trusted you enough to let you see them. What a privilage!


  3. What a beautiful gift Gail. I have taught and followed the teaching of Ted Andrew’s Animal-Speak for many years. The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small. He also has the second book in this series “Animal-Wise.” Ted is an intuitive and wise man who has many books in the area of meta-physics and I have enjoyed and learned from all of them.

    I also use the books, when animals show up in my dream state. This is another area for people to pay attention and discover messages being sent to them. Trusting in ourselves and our intuitive and quietly listening.

    We had coyotes move behind our home in December and this was a gift in the area we live. We have a small forest behind us that moves deeper into woods. The sounds of the coyote’s howl is primal and touches you at a soul level. Keynote of the Coyote’s message is “wisdom and folly” and is year round.

    Thank you for creating a space to share another wonderful story of connecting with nature and animals.


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