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School of HP: Fathers Are Special!

Fathers are a special breed They are there to guide and lead To inspire and protect Point out cause and the effect Separate the wrong from right Show when it’s OK to fight Be the man who’s standing strong And kiss the boo-boo so it’s gone Fathers play so many roles They help us achieve our goals While sometimes forgoing theirs Because all they do is care So today, we as a nation Offer thanks in dedication As collectively we strive And give our dads the Highest Five!

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Mother and Child on Grass

Mother is the First Beloved

Years ago, I worked with a gifted hypnotherapist. He was a newbie to the craft, just starting out, and I don’t think either he or I understood the scope of his abilities then. Suffice it to say, I went to places and spaces that were far beyond the price of his introductory sessions! We worked together in the dank basement room of a rental office downtown, the kind of place where folks set up flimsy folding tables and phone banks, then clear out overnight to whereabouts unknown. A way stop for fly-by-night businesses, filled with all the ghosts of failed…

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Father is the First Teacher

My bathing cap is too tight; it doesn’t hold the cascade of hair that someone’s piled on my head in order to squash it on, pull it tight until it covers my ears. When I take it off later, my hair will be sodden, snarled, and the long strands will catch in the cap, causing me to yelp in pain. I wear it, because I want to pretend I am immune from the water: that even when I am submerged, my body will be safe from all that scary wetness. If we wore goggles back then, I’d have put them…

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