School of HP: Fathers Are Special!

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  • Fathers are a special breed
    They are there to guide and lead
    To inspire and protect
    Point out cause and the effect

    Separate the wrong from right
    Show when it’s OK to fight
    Be the man who’s standing strong
    And kiss the boo-boo so it’s gone

    Fathers play so many roles
    They help us achieve our goals
    While sometimes forgoing theirs
    Because all they do is care

    So today, we as a nation
    Offer thanks in dedication
    As collectively we strive
    And give our dads the Highest Five!

    Allen Vaysberg

    Allen Vaysberg is the founder of School of Human Potential and a successful entrepreneur who within the IT consulting industry built several multi-million dollar businesses. Although he was living the "American Dream", deep inside he knew something needed to change because even with all his successes, he still felt unfulfilled. Thus he began his transition away from IT. He discovered that in order to live a fulfilled life he needed to pursue his soul’s purpose. By taking charge of his destiny and following his dreams Allen finally found peace and felt complete. Today he inspires individuals to live their essence and assists them in re-calibrating their lives. He does so through many different mediums including his coaching practice “Recalibrate Your Life”. Allen is a Motivational Speaker, Syndicated Talk Show Host, Life Purpose Coach and Best Selling Author. His weekly radio program "School of Human Potential” brings guests ranging from Lisa Williams to Yakov Smirnoff and everyone in between.

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