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Meditation in the Least Likely Places

By Sheevaun Moran. I just read an article about how Ohio almost passed a bill in 1969 to add 2 minute meditation periods in schools. What a shame that bill didn’t pass! I’ve been teaching meditation in 2 minutes for over 15 years and am still shocked at how “dissed” and what a bad rap the word meditation gets. Meditation is already everywhere and maybe it’s time to stop thinking that meditation is weird or mind manipulation. Maybe it’s time to bring this into the light and accept what already is! Let's talk about some meditation moments you’ve probably not thought of:…

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Osama bin Laden Dead: Reflections on Celebration

Last night President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a US military operation in Pakistan. Within minutes, we watched as America celebrated. While part of me was relieved that the head of the snake known as Al Qaeda had been chopped off, part of me felt a sadness at our revelry. Don't get me wrong- I was happy to hear that bin Laden could no longer spread his hate for America. I love this country and I've spent a good deal of my time/resources supporting our troops, even creating and delivering the World's Longest Letter of…

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Life as an Aspen Tree

If you follow my blog you'll know that many times I talk about looking to Nature for answers to life's mysteries. For me, no matter the question, if I spend time in the woods I'll find the answer. Nature has a wisdom to it that can teach us so much- if we pay attention. The aspen tree is the perfect example. The leaves of the quaking aspen have an unusual ability to twist and bend to protect the trees from severe winds. Their twisting motion helps the tree to dissipate the energy more uniformly throughout the canopy- to reduce the…

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Today’s Brilliance by Max Ehrmann- The Desiderata

This morning I wanted to share one of my very favorite poems with you, called the Desiderata. It was written more than 50 years ago by a man named Max Erhmann. If this sounds familiar as you're reading it, this was turned into a recording and was quite popular on the radio in 1971. I just purchased the recording on iTunes this morning. This powerful little poem was the inspiration behind our Today's Brilliance on As you know, each day we ask a new Inspirational Luminary, "If today were your last day and you had 500 words to share…

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