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Gandhi’s Secret of Life

No matter what you do or who you are, life is filled with challenging moments. At times, navigating through the obstacles that lie between health, wealth and happiness can be downright miserable. Struggle is common to the human condition. But the ability to embrace the struggle and move forward despite it is surprisingly uncommon. This is what keeps this country spending 190 billion dollars a year on obesity related illnesses. This is why only 4% of Americans are millionaires. How can we change this? How do we welcome struggle and keep charging onward to an empowered destiny. To find an answer,…

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10 Tips for Becoming Positive When You’re Down in the Dumps

By Heather Legg. Being down in the dumps can become a cycle of sadness, so it's important to get yourself out and feel positive again. When you're down, it's easy to look at the dark side of things, but remember that there is always a brighter one. Here are some tips for becoming positive when you're feeling blue: 1. Take Your Dog for a Walk If you have a pet, play with him. Take your dog for a walk; play with the cat. Animals have an innate ability to make us feel better. Even if you don’t have a pet,…

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Top 10 Daily Mantras to Get You Going

Every day should be a positive one, no matter what it may bring you. One way to focus on the positive is to start each day with a mantra to bring in a positive outlook and exclude the negative. Some people like to have one personal mantra they say every day, while others like to switch it up, always staying on the bright side. Here are some daily mantras to keep you in bright, positive spirits. Choose one to be your own, modify them to suit you, or alternate between your favorites. I am thankful for what I have, even…

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The Difference Between Exhausted and Tired

I've been tired many more times than I can count in my life but I've only rarely been exhausted. When I’m exhausted I’m on the wrong path and beaten up, down and sideways. Depleted, drained, mentally beaten up, emotionally sucked dry are all feelings that occur when you’re doing something that is in contradiction to what you know is in your highest and best interest. The other day while teaching a class there was a woman in the audience who told us she had a broken ankle that hadn’t healed for 6 months. Now this is a very long time…

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When Your Thought Energy Stops You

By Sheevaun Moran. Yesterday, I was speaking with a few clients about money issues. They were each talking about what they didn’t have and what was going wrong. Each of them was entrenched in the problem rather than the solution. Money is the energetic equivalent of flow. When you go into the place of thinking you don’t have it and it’s too hard to get it, you are building a dam. If you are positive thinker on one hand and a worrier on the other you are canceling out the positive. It takes 40 times more energy to use negative…

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What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Fail?

About a week ago I had an idea that was the biggest, boldest idea I've ever had. It came to me in a flash of inspiration during a visioning session with my husband. This idea came from asking ourselves questions like, "How can we make the biggest difference in the world? If we absolutely knew we couldn't fail, what would we do?" Very big questions birth very big outrageous answers. If you don't believe me, ask yourself the same questions. What could you do to make a huge positive impact on the world, knowing that you can't possibly fail? When…

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