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Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work – Being Here Does.

The moment we stopped working on ourselves to get "better", our lives instantaneously transformed. This has profoundly impacted everything. What we have learned is not to take ourselves so seriously and to not work so hard to get somewhere. We have been raised in a forward-thinking culture where we have learned that something in the future will produce the sense of well-being or "OKness" that we all strive to achieve. It is this very striving, we've discovered, that produces dissatisfaction. The constant need to achieve what we think is better than what we have in the current moment stresses our…

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C-A-R-E to Create Change

Some people look at their lives and say, "Poor me." They look at their home and wish it were bigger, better, or more organized. They look at their bodies and feel like they don't measure up. They look at their spouses, their kids, and themselves and the flaws become their focus. I've found the best way to beat these feelings of inadequacies is to get out and give. Helping other people not only takes our focus off our shortcomings, but it makes us feel better about ourselves. More than that, we touch lives and connect hearts! Here are four ways to C-A-R-E.…

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Higher Help for Persistent Problems

Why do we end up as often as we do in those painful situations in which the last words usually spoken go something like, "How in the world did I get myself into this mess?" Sound familiar? It should. And while the answer to this woeful question should rescue us from similar future sticky situations, it rarely works out that way. This is very important to admit to ourselves. The truth is we keep falling into the same old snares. Why? There is an authentic answer to this question that may surprise you. The reason we haven't as yet realized…

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How Helping Others Helps You

For anyone to be inspired, all that it takes is a little shove in the right direction. In this day and age there are many problems... especially with the economy. Millions of people have lost jobs, lost homes, and lost hope. We need to help them out and try to make it better in the future. You may be thinking that you're just one person and that you can't make a difference but that's the thing, you haven't even started and you already are doubting your ability! What you need to be thinking is: whom you can help, what you…

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Mindful Communications

By Sheevaun Moran. Most days we walk through the day without much thought about how we will communicate. We speak to our family in the same old way. Our chatter with the store clerks is fleeting. The emails we send are filled with our wants, needs, desires and demands. Where is the communication that is filled with goodness and intention? We say our intention is to communicate with love and kindness, but is that really true? If that were so true then our own inner voices would be much kinder and loving. The thought towards someone who is homeless would…

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