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For anyone to be inspired, all that it takes is a little shove in the right direction.

In this day and age there are many problems… especially with the economy. Millions of people have lost jobs, lost homes, and lost hope. We need to help them out and try to make it better in the future.

You may be thinking that you’re just one person and that you can’t make a difference but that’s the thing, you haven’t even started and you already are doubting your ability!

What you need to be thinking is: whom you can help, what you can do to help them, and how can you make a difference? If each of us turned to our neighbor and shared our lives, hearts and resources, it wouldn’t seem such a daunting task. There is a point at which people have to do more than just think the good thought… it is time to act on it!

From all that I’ve learned in my thirteen years of existence is: that helping others pays off for you and the one that you helped.

What more could anyone ask for or want? Seeing a smile on someone’s face, receiving a hug that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and knowing that you’ve done something good for the benefit of others.

I mean if you were in a bit of trouble and someone helped you and asked for nothing in return, you would feel like someone cared enough about you that they would take their time to help you with your problems. True love would be the feeling that you’d be giving to others.

So the next time that you see an elderly person that has dropped their belongings, or a kid that scraped their knee, or even a person that has lost their bus money stop and think if I were in this position, would I want help and would I want them to make this decision for me, in my time of need?

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When I was five my brother and I spent the summer in Wyoming at my grandmother’s cabin and a terrible accident happened. Jory and I were on the front porch playing a silly game, which entailed putting dirt on the porch and then sweeping it off with an old broom. I wanted a turn at sweeping so I tried to take the broom away from my brother. We moved into a tug-of-war over the old broom and it broke apart into two pieces. A small section of the broken broom flew directly into my left eye, puncturing it and blinding me instantly.

Over the next year and a half, we would see dozens of specialists and go through too many surgeries to keep count. My mom and I were spending a few days a week with our prosthetic eye doctor and we began to notice that there were many other families that had children with eye injuries in need of the same treatment I was receiving. It was sad to see so many children being turned away because they couldn’t afford the treatment.

We decided to start a little company called Sunshine’s Scarves and each scarf would have a hangtag on it, describing the need for prosthetic eye care for children and we would donate 50% of the profit to The Sunshine Foundation, a non-profit children’s charity that provides financial assistance and medical treatment programs to families with a child requiring a prosthetic eye. This was a monumental moment for us both, because all during the time I had lost my eye, my mom kept telling me that their was a purpose in this accident happening, she said we would have to be patient and wait for life to unfold the answer when the time was right.

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