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Have You Become a Type A Personality?

The concept of a Type A personality has not been around for long. It was actually identified in the 1950s by two cardiologists, Drs. Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman, who were studying coronary heart disease. They found a link between personality types and heart disease. According to their research, they identified three types of behaviors: Type A, which they labeled as competitive, ambitious, impatient, aggressive, and fast-talking; Type B, which is more relaxed and non-competitive; and Type C, which is hardworking, but becomes apathetic when faced with stress. Those considered Type A were more prone to having high blood pressure,…

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Unanswered Prayers can be the Best Gifts

Over the past month, I was subjected to an evaluation. It got me thinking about the mistakes I made in the past, the mistakes I am making currently and the mistakes I will make in the future because I am human. I always say, “When we know better, we do better.” My wise wing-man told me today, “Man, I can mess up a lotta stuff too– just human nature: make mistakes, learn, try again, fall down, get up, move on, life’s learning cycle.” It took me 40 years to learn this and I’m still learning. I have made a career…

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School of HP: 5 Things Your Body Needs To Be Healthy

Every time we go on a beach vacation, to Mexico for instance, we end up at an all-inclusive resort.  We love it because everything is taken care of. We don’t need to worry about cooking or what to do at night because all is provided. Just relax and recharge for a week or so and enjoy. Our kids love it, our friends love it, and we love it.  There is one thing in particular, however, that I found intriguing, which made me understand what the body needs to be healthy and in proper working condition. Here is how that realization…

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Ask A Luminary

How Can I Have More Energy?

"I am a procrastinator, sleepy, always tired, and I am 20. How can I end this permanently?" ~ Tina, Baltimore Dear Tina, I think we can all identify with being sleepy and tired, and with procrastination. Kudos to you in advance for reaching out for help. Being sleepy and tired can be symptoms of an underlying problem, so have your health checked with a professional. That being said, I've found the following things to be of great help to creating unlimited energy. Get 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night. Insomniacs, use lavender oil! Start and end the day with gratitude,…

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How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Self Care For Insomniacs Everywhere!

By Kathi Casey. Insomnia is rampant among those over 40. Are you wishing that someone had told you about this before you got here, so that you could have stocked up on your sleep in your 30's? If you are one of the 20 million Americans who feel that it's become "the norm" as well as a frequent topic of conversation at parties and events, that in this day and age it's impossible for anyone over 40 to get a good night's sleep, help is here! All the experts tell us that we need 7 - 8 hours of sleep at night,…

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The Difference Between Exhausted and Tired

I've been tired many more times than I can count in my life but I've only rarely been exhausted. When I’m exhausted I’m on the wrong path and beaten up, down and sideways. Depleted, drained, mentally beaten up, emotionally sucked dry are all feelings that occur when you’re doing something that is in contradiction to what you know is in your highest and best interest. The other day while teaching a class there was a woman in the audience who told us she had a broken ankle that hadn’t healed for 6 months. Now this is a very long time…

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Got Sleep? If Not Then You Have to Read This

By Sheevaun Moran. For the past several months I've been hearing from clients that they are exhausted. They aren't feeling like they are motivated to do anything. All they want to do is get through the day and go to bed. One of the things they say is that their brains are feeling mucky and thick. Could it be that summer had been pressing on everyone so much so that they cannot get enough rest when sleeping? Or it may be that the time change is afflicting everyone in a different way than usual. Maybe it could be that they…

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep at the Self-Help (or any) Hotel

By Michele Howe. If you know me, you know I value sleep. Good sleep. Every night. No exception. Everyone has a weakness and mine is being able to rest soundly night after night…and when obstacles such as (my loose shoulder) keep me tossing and turning throughout the nighttime hours my mind can wander…and lately it’s been wandering back to a trip I took with my good friend, Mary. She’s going back to Europe soon. I am not. Sadness. But, I can reminisce about our two wonderful trips together and dream. Here’s one snapshot of our travels….and how we learned to…

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