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Be Grateful on Thanksgiving – and Every Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday as it serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude. Since 1621, our ancestors in the United States have been celebrating Thanksgiving. Historically, throughout Europe, festivals were held after the harvest to give thanks and celebrate together as a community. Native Americans also celebrated the harvest season. We continue the tradition today nearly 400 years later, but for most of us, when we hear the word Thanksgiving, we usually think of turkey and stuffing, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, football and gatherings with family and friends. We all know that Thanksgiving…

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Become Your Inner Grinch this Holiday Season

After one too many Black Friday Sales, the Grinch ended up with his heart two sizes too small. Luckily, you don’t have to. Because even Mr. Grinch… the mean one, the one as cuddly as a cactus… was able to change. Even Grinch, during the holidays, was able to open his heart—so big that it busted right out of his chest. The secret? He started giving. He started practicing seva, or service to others—and in the end, he returned the tree, the toys, why… even the roast beast to all the lovely Who’s of Whoville, as they sang their Who…

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By B. Lynn Goodwin. I know I've shared a gratitude list here before, but I always think of November as gratitude month. Maybe that’s because it’s the month of Thanksgiving. Or maybe it’s because so much in nature goes dormant, but I get to keep going on. This used to be the month when my high school actors performed the fall play, sometimes a drama and sometimes a comedy, but never a musical. Later my college students were putting together the student directed one acts in November, working frantically to have them ready to perform during the first two weeks…

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My Thanksgiving Gratitude List

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am feeling very blessed. I took a few moments to make a list of what I am most grateful for and wanted to share it with you, in the hopes that you'll be inspired to create your own "Gratitude List". It's always good to remember how much we all have to be grateful for... Happy Thanksgiving with love! My Gratitude List (not in any specific prioritized order): My husband and our family Koda, our amazing dog, and his unconditional love and affection Deep friendships Our amazing community Hot chocolate (can you tell it's -9…

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100 Tweets of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! This week we asked this question on Twitter: With Thanksgiving fast approaching, what are you most thankful for and how do you celebrate it every day? We received more than 100 responses and the while the answers were not surprising individually, collectively they caused me to think in a deeper way. Over 50% of those who responded were grateful for the people in their lives- the relationships with friends and family. Nearly 20% expressed thanks for being alive and their connection to God/the Universe. Possibility, opportunity and good health were mentioned in 15% of the responses. Many things…

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