Always Know Your Why

So many people reference survivors and how strong they must be. Yet strength is only part of it. An ability to be mindful, to dance with the full circle of emotions that arise from adversity, to process feelings of discomfort, to lean on another for support and to deeply attune with your own inner-truths are the qualities that make you resilient. In this you can do more than just survive. You can thrive. When you awake, take a moment to quietly experience the space. Open your minds’ eye with the curiosity of a child to see what is available to you. Take… Read more.

As A Man Thinks So Is He…

As A Man Thinks So Is He… Build mutually beneficial winning agreements, relationships and arrangements every where you go. One of the master keys in living a fruitful rewarding life is fostering and growing a healthy relationship with your creator and other people you position yourself around. You will be and become like the top 5 people and things you hang out with and listen to most. The three most powerful letters I have ever encountered are W.H.Y.  These three letters are the most powerful letters because they spell a word that reveals intention and motivation of a person’s heart…. Read more.