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When I grow up I have decided to be a “big kid” instead of an adult.

What made me decide to do this?

I watch my mom and dad and all of their friends have fun, but I still think they are missing out on the good stuff kids get to do….

I think there should be an option to grow up but still do kid things. This would make the world a better place because everyone would be having fun.

In the world full of “big kids” everyone would get to do stuff like:

  1. Play outside everyday. Don’t just go outside, but kick a ball around or hula-hoop in the yard.
  2. Of course when you are outside, you should invite friends over to play too! How about a skipping contest or see who can hop on one foot longer? That is sure to make you smile.
  3. Definitely wear comfortable clothes. Sometimes I see adults wearing fancy clothes and high-heel shoes and they don’t look happy. Soft, colorful clothes and sneakers are great for everyone!
  4. Put a brush through your hair and then “go, go, go” don’t worry about it being perfect or looking “just right.”
  5. Play in the dirt. Go to the park and play in the sandbox or plant in garden and dig, dig, dig into the dirt. Get good and dirty and don’t worry about messing up your clothes – we are all washable!
  6. Do you have a pet? Play with your pet. If you have a cat or dog, take time to play with them or just pet them. Cats and dogs love people and will hug you if you hug them. Be kind to the furry people too!
  7. Color a picture. Take out your crayons and coloring book and make something pretty. Use lots of colors and be sure to put your name on the picture so you know who colored it. And it is okay to color outside of the lines, because that is where life happens!
  8. Laugh a lot. Find things that are funny and laugh. It’s okay to laugh. It makes everyone around you laugh too!
  9. Eat ice cream and cake for breakfast and don’t worry about being healthy. Ice cream and cake have milk and eggs and good stuff all mixed in. So it is okay to eat them for breakfast, just not everyday.
  10. Don’t worry about money. If you remember that money does grow on trees and will show up when you require it, then it will all be okay. Remind yourself everyday that you will always have more than you require if you think it, it will happen.

I am only 7 years old, but I like these ideas. Growing up should be fun and not be hard work, so I challenge everyone who reads this to pick something fun and do it everyday. You will see your world get much better. Like my mommy says, “laugh, have fun, rest, and repeat.”

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What do you do when you cannot find the book you want in the bookstore because it does not exist? Most people would let it drop, but not 6 year old Sami FitzGerald....

A natural extrovert, Sami loves people, enjoys helping others and loves to learn. Being home-schooled, Sami has been blessed with the ability to attend seminars and events with her parents. While other kids where coloring or doing something to keep themselves occupied, Sami was paying attention. Without knowing it, she was learning from some incredible teachers, such as Jim Rohn, Bill Bartmann, Artemis Limpert and Jeff Crilley. Sami has taken this knowledge and incorporated it into her desire to help others.

At the age of 6, Sami created “Colors Decorate the World” to benefit the children of St. Jude's Research Hospital. She asked friends and family to help by donating coloring books and crayons, and was pleased to learn that her endeavor lead to boxes upon boxes of art supplies arriving at St. Jude.

Sami’s lifelong promise is to make the world a better place.

It was this promise that sparked the search for a specific type of children's book in early 2007. Sami made a simple request. She wanted a gratitude workbook much like the ones her parents use. However, a search of the internet and bookstores yielded no results. Not one to take no for an answer, Sami simply told her mother that they could create the book because she was sure other kids would want one as well. And with that, "Fish Sticks, Books and Blue Jeans - Teaching kids to be thankful for everything (yes, even fish sticks) everyday!” was created.

"Gratitude, the act of simply being thankful for the people and things we have in our lives is something every one should practice. Unfortunately, children miss out on this wonderful experience because they are focused on the things they feel they are lacking….such as the new toy they see on the store shelf or the hottest fashion trends flashing across the television screen." - from Fish Sticks, Books and Blue Jeans

Come meet Sami FitzGerald and learn first hand what has Alexander J. Berardi, bestselling author and host of CounterThink.TV saying, "Everything I need to know about happiness, I learned from a six-year-old. Fish Sticks, Books, and Blue Jeans is a subtle and inspiring reminder to us all: If the only prayer you ever said was, "thank you," that would suffice."

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  1. Thank you Sami for making me smile and remember what i need to do to be happy again. I hope i can find your book to share with my granddaughters. Bless you!

  2. WOW your advice is exactly what I needed. You remind me that no matter how old we are, or any of the other thing about ourselves we are all very important.

  3. I forgot what its like to be a kid,and play outside. I don’t do outside,and acting out to the ones I love,and stressing out. I am an adult,and that’s what adults do. So I think. You just reminded me to be a kid at heart. I needed this one to inspire me to let go of control,and get outside. Thank you Micheal.

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