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Homework Headaches

If you’re tired of feeling like home-life is hijacked by school stress, or watching helplessly while your smart child struggles with school, then this program may just be the answer to your prayers.Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster's Homework Headaches offers the tools you need to support your kids without feeling like your family is being held hostage by school! A comprehensive training program, Homework Headaches is available online, 24/7, ANY time you need it, so you can go at your own pace and learn how to support your kids – without having to drive anywhere. The program combines training and coaching, exercises and strategies, and includes monthly calls with an ImpactADHD Coach. Don't give up on your child’s education, or sacrifice your relationship with your child just to get school-work done. If school stress is making you crazy, let Homework Headaches restore your sanity!

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Minimize Meltdowns

Are you tired of your child’s moods being out of control? Do you yell at your kids more than you’d like? Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster's Minimize Meltdowns will help you become the calm & confident parent you want to be – which is the best way to raise your child to be an independent and successful adult! A comprehensive training program, Minimize Meltdowns is available online, 24/7, ANY time you need it. That way you can go at your own pace and learn how to support your kids – without having to drive anywhere. The program combines training and coaching, exercises and strategies, and includes monthly group calls with an ImpactADHD Coach. Don't surrender to emotional catastrophe: you can learn the tricks and tools you need to calm yourself down and teach your child to do the same.

Let Minimize Meltdowns help you find the calm of a peaceful home now!

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Remember to Experience the Magic of Childhood!

In today's busy tech oriented world, I have been fortunate to discover an incredibly simple source of inspiration... children. As a career-oriented woman, I took a pass on having my own family. Yet in the past few years and for a variety of reasons, I have had an awakening that we should all be more childlike. Children always have time to examine a new flower or exclaim over a rainbow... they also are quick with a hug... which is quite priceless when you think about it. Little kids are non-judgmental and enjoy a good belly laugh more often than not.…

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The Wisdom That’s Saved My Sanity

The first thing I would share would be to stop at nothing to know the truth. Particularly the truth about who you are, your relationship to the Divine, and what you stand for. Next I would offer some pearls of wisdom I have collected from beloved friends and wise persons that have saved my soul and at times my sanity: "There is no competition for my true life's purpose, so there is no reason to hurry or worry about anything." "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." "People treat you the way you treat yourself." "You are stronger than you think."…

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5 Ways to Give Your Children High Self-Esteem

What would you be doing right now if you truly believed in yourself? The quality and destiny of our life is greatly determined by our level of self-esteem. If we have a high level of self-esteem, we are more likely to use and develop our many talents. In the same token, if we have low self-esteem, our talents often go undeveloped and we may underachieve. As parents, we want our children to feel good about themselves and feel fulfilled as adults. Here are five things that we can do now that can assure high self-esteem for our children. Celebrate, honor…

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Bernie Siegel

Love is The Solution To Any Problem

Love is a weapon - and I prefer to kill with kindness and torment with tenderness. When we do this, our natural tendencies towards aggression are utilized in creative ways through work, sports, games and hobbies, and not through destructive behavior. A child's brain wave pattern up to the age of six is like that of a hypnotized individual. So your messages can stay with them for a lifetime. If they are mottos to die by, and the child does not make a conscious effort to eliminate and abandon them, it does lead to their illness and early death. A…

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A Uncertain Future: The Desensitization of Violence in America

At what point does someone else’s business become ours? Two days ago I flew on a Delta flight from Nashville to Salt Lake City, I was seated in Economy Comfort, the first row behind first class, directly behind two boys in first class, perhaps about 10 and 14 years old. As soon as they were seated both boys pulled out their iPads and started playing a game. The youngest one was holding his iPad up high so that it was impossible for those behind him NOT to see it. He was playing a game where he would move his iPad…

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10 Ways to Remain a Kid at Heart

When I grow up I have decided to be a "big kid" instead of an adult. What made me decide to do this? I watch my mom and dad and all of their friends have fun, but I still think they are missing out on the good stuff kids get to do.... I think there should be an option to grow up but still do kid things. This would make the world a better place because everyone would be having fun. In the world full of "big kids" everyone would get to do stuff like: Play outside everyday. Don't just…

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Rhyme for the Sensitive Child (Poem)

As a new school year begins, may all children be free from bullying, and know that they are love and loved~ Rhyme for the Sensitive Child   ‘Don’t take things so personal’ You hear them say But child I know You don’t see it that way- For I know that you feel Deep like the sea And when you are hurt You long to be free from this world- Yet I’m here to tell you From the wisdom of years From trying to fit in And hiding my tears- That you are so Amazing... That the gifts that you bring…

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The Extra Kiss (Poem)

The extra kiss, that extra hug Your kids keep asking for at night. Their blanket isn’t very snug, And pillow isn’t feeling right   The water bottle you just filled Is great but still not cold enough, All prior wishes you fulfilled Get lost in avalanche of stuff.   “Don’t close the door, no wait… please do”, “You talk too loud, I cannot sleep”. And then a sudden peekaboo Just when you thought they’re counting sheep… A few more straws and you are done. You snap at them and raise your voice, You tell them it’s no longer fun, And…

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Successful Kids Revolution

Isn’t it time to help our kids? Starting January 20th, you’ll learn first-hand from experts like Christy Whitman, Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky, Dr. Margaret Paul, Shelly Lefkoe, Natalie Ledwell, Tori Hartman, Karen Curry, Izzy Kalman, Mike Domitrz, Sherry Gaba, Anat Baniel, Brad Yates, John Seeley and more, who will share all the tools you need to ensure success for your child at home and in our schools! It’s absolutely FREE... and it’s happening right here - on your computer. This online global event is being hosted by Inspirational Luminary Julie Kleinhans, Youth Empowerment and Education Expert. Never before has such a…

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Is Your Child Intuitive or Spiritually Gifted? 10 Ways to Tell

Seems like you can't get through a day without seeing a movie or TV show about a paranormal or psychic child. But the truth is, most kids today have intuitive and spiritual gifts—it just doesn’t look anything like what we’re shown in mainstream media. Intuitive and spiritual giftedness is whole new kind of intelligence that lets children understand and process things differently—and it’s a common phenomenon in these newest generations of kids. For parents, it can seem confusing. But once you understand what to look for, intuitive and spiritual gifts aren’t hard to spot. While these abilities may “cluster” differently in individual…

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