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The first thing I would share would be to stop at nothing to know the truth. Particularly the truth about who you are, your relationship to the Divine, and what you stand for.

Next I would offer some pearls of wisdom I have collected from beloved friends and wise persons that have saved my soul and at times my sanity:

“There is no competition for my true life’s purpose, so there is no reason to hurry or worry about anything.”

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

“People treat you the way you treat yourself.”

“You are stronger than you think.”

“If you can see it, it’s possible,”

“You’re always doing one of two things: creating connection or separation!”

About children I would beg you:

To consider that they need respect, to feel safe and to have an enlightened witness; to understand that being a parent is a privilege; to see your children’s unique selves rather than projecting onto them what you didn’t get; to know that the same God that shines on you shines on them; and to remember that they chose you as their benevolent servant to help escort them onto their own unique and magnificent path.

On relationships I would offer that:

YOU are the ONE.

Slow down…real love doesn’t have a shelf life.

Chemistry is a terrible litmus test for choosing a great partner.

Never, ever, settle.

Watch what people say and what they do and make sure they match.

Don’t let anyone tell you sex doesn’t mean anything—your body is sacred, you are sacred and sex is SACRED.

And, know this…that which you seek is seeking you!

On community, I strongly suggest that you find your unique place and serve as though your life depends on it, and assure you that:

You have a right to be here too.

Everyone is your brother and sister.

There but for the grace of God go I.

There is no other.

Take care to be the kind of friend you want to have!

On humanity, I know that:

The Divine is my source of everything; who I really am is eternal. There is no “there”. Everything but love is a projection. Healing only happens in the field of love.

I am no-thing, I am no-one, I am that that I am…

I am blessed to be and offer you every blessing that you awaken to the truth and have the courage to stay awake at every turn, even in the face of death.

And a few Maryanne-isms I have enjoyed chanting throughout the years as part of my practice:

“Just because your mind tells you something doesn’t mean it’s true.”

“People who believe in nothing greater than themselves do damage.”

“When all else fails stop, drop, and roll: stop pointing at them and look in the mirror, drop into yourself and seek the truth about what’s really going on, then roll around in your options and choose carefully.”

“No one can EVER take God away from you.”

And, finally, like I always say, “Great relationships begin within!”

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Maryanne is a relationship specialist, radio and TV personality, and award-winning author. Millions of people in 130 countries tune in to her monthly radio talk show Realtime Relationships, exploring different aspects of modern relationships with a guest who is in the thick of it or has an inspiring story to share. On her previous show, Maryanne Live! she interviewed leaders in the human potential field like Helen Fisher, Jill Bolte Taylor, and Jean Houston, and masters of awareness like Ram Dass, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, and Tara Brach. Her website,, has a powerful library of archived shows and blogs.

Maryanne’s media expertise includes being a go-to expert for Fox News, eHarmony, Hollywood Life and The Beverly Hills Times MagazineWetPaint, and other online publications. Her blogs can be found on, and dozens more sites. She has appeared on ABC’s “20/20,” Disney’s “Soap Net,” and San Francisco’s KGO-ABC’s “View from the Bay,” etc. Along with a private practice, she offers transformational workshops for men and women and speaking engagements around the country.

Her body of work includes the award-winning books Skinny, Tan and Rich: Unveiling the Myth and Hindsight: What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers!; the 5-DVD workshop workbook Great Relationships Begin Within, also available online as CORR®, the Certificate of Responsible Relationship course, certified by the State of California for Continuing Education credits, and the 4-CD series “Thrive: Seven Essential Truths for Revealing Your Secret, Sacred Self.” With her husband, David Raynal, she created the Great Relationships Begin Within Divination Deck to help people experience more intimacy through the practice of self-inquiry. It is their mission to inspire and resurrect the divine feminine, bringing the sacred back to sex and relationship.

Credentials: Holds a PhD in somatic psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute; is an Open Floor teacher, a CCHT, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and CEGE, Certified Equine Guide and Educator. Developed the CORR© (Certification of Responsible Relationship) curriculum; created a unique body-centered system of self-inquiry called the SHOMI® Method; founded the non-profit 510(c)3 National Action Organization “Changing the way our culture values each other” at; and produced, wrote, directed, and hosted 3 TV pilots and a dozen independent made-for-TV specials.

Maryanne’s gift is translating life’s complexities into practical tools people can embody, which leads to their attracting and creating healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationships. She’s recognized by her peers and students as a wise, witty, soulful teacher who walks her talk.

She says: “What’s most rewarding about working with people is the privilege of witnessing them realize their authentic selves. Having struggled with issues related to sexual abuse, self-worth and childhood trauma, I am deeply empathetic to their situations, which allows me to help them feel, heal, and deal with their current challenges, one broken heart at a time.”

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  1. That’s a gooder Maryanne. I have been preaching this to all my true friend, and family. Those are the important things in my life.. It all stared about looking inside. I discovered that I thought that I was, and changed that to what I wanted my life to be. I didn’t believe what I thought I did. I had to love myself, and had to find a power greater then I, that would love me just the way I am. Some call it God, the Creator, or a higher power. It don’t matter, just as long as you believe. I’m not a parent, but know a few, and see how they love their children. So thank you Maryanne for your words of wisdom. Lots of love

  2. Thank you so much! There are some real gems in those words. One of my own quotes is, “everything that passes through your mind is not true.”

  3. Thank you for your inspiration; some of them I can use. We should believe in ourselves, but also we need to be humble; so, there are always room for other possibilities. it is about balance.

  4. wow you write so well and everything seems so true.

    Just wanted to ask you on how do you deal with toxic relationship of marriage wherein i face it with my spouse.
    i find myself so controlled and unable to be my true self . with children in our marriage i find it difficult to walk out

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