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As cliché; as it sounds, one should pursue their interests. If you find something that inspires and motivates you, then dedicate yourself to it. Think about how you would like to pursue your interest and, like the Nike commercial states, “Just Do It!”

Do you want to be an advocate? To learn? To create and deliver a concept? How do you want to channel your enthusiasm? Don’t waste time with things you don’t care about. Look for something in the world that needs your help, something that you care about, and then commit.

My interest in sustainable, local and organic food arose from the simple experience of not having an adequate school lunch. I was raised eating local food, eating healthy food that came from the earth without preservatives and additives. The New York City school lunch program does not promote a healthy lifestyle. I found that that school food upset my stomach and the way I felt. My own experience helped me understand the importance of eating healthy food.

The quality and effects of school lunches were explored in the film Lunch, and this led to a TV show called Lunch NYC where I explored and evaluated healthy and organic restaurants by providing reviews so that others could learn from my experiences.

Share your views and opinions—it’s important. It might not seem important – there are so many people out there, what does one voice matter? Believe me, it is important. Expressing the way you feel will be important to you, your local community and possibly the world.

Hilary Clinton, the former First Lady and our current Secretary of State wrote It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us, a book on the impact that individuals can have on a child’s well-being and what can be done to develop a society that is more healthy and productive. People learn and grow from hearing other people’s thoughts. You never know whose life you will change by offering your opinion as others think and later act on issues of our day.

It is also important to listen to what other people say as you will benefit by understanding the viewpoints of others. The exchange of thoughts and theories inspires growth and change so communicate your opinions, but first listen to others. Let’s all work to make our world an even better place than it is today.

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Dylan Richards, a junior in high school in New York City, is the host of Dylan's Lunchbox, a local TV show that showcases restaurants and cafes in NYC that serve healthy, locally and organically grown, humanely raised food. He's been aired on NYC Media, Plum TV, Taxi TV, and a second season of Dylan's Lunchbox is currently in production. Dylan is also a food critic on Lunch NYC, a three time Emmy winner television show that reviews and critiques venues throughout NYC, the Hamptons and that is dedicated to the support of local farms and organic growing practices. To help spread his message of healthy eating, Dylanalso contributes every week to and has appeared on the radio show Edible Escapes and Dylan is an important link to the younger demographic and helps his peers identify a healthy lifestyle as a leader in the promotion of healthy eating and the support of local farms. Working together with the Birds Nest Foundation in support of the Ground Up Campaign, Dylanhelped educate school children on how to make healthier choices and informs them about the origins of food, as well as the importance of safe, sustainable, organic growing practices. He was recently honored by Word press for his Blogging and show.

Dylan studies Math, Science, English, History and Chinese and is a varsity athlete at his high school.Dylan has appeared in other short films in recent years with a focus on health-related issues, and has starred in a short-film intended to increase prostate cancer awareness. Dylan is also an avid Baseball player, he plays infield with the Bayside Yankees. Dylanlives with his mother, father, sister, and 3 dogs.

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