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My inspiration to everyone young or old is to NEVER STOP!! If you have a dream, go for it! Everyone has a dream. They key to success is to never use the word fail. Start out with a vision. It’s good to put down on paper what you plan on achieving in life. To see your dream come true you must visualize it, almost believing as if it has already happened. Keep your eyes open for any opportunities that come your way. If you live like you have achieved your dream, you’ll be able to seize that opportunity when it comes.

If there is one thing I have learned from being in show business is that there are a lot of disappointments. Even in careers not related to show biz, you always have to struggle to succeed. Learning from our mistakes is a real challenge, but in the end it helps us grow. You have to put the past behind you and look forward.

There is the perfect opportunity for “you” out there you just have to find it. And be patient because that day will come.

I have a story to tell: There was a girl who had a vision for 25 actors in her acting class. She wrote, directed and performed her own screenplay, casting young actors who didn’t have much stage or acting experience. She envisioned a Red Carpet World Premiere Event.

Once the ball got rolling, there were set backs as with every stage performance. Talking, distractions and even ridicule ensued. But the girl held strong, she knew that if she kept going and didn’t stop each actor could have a wonderful experience and remember it forever. She knew what was on the other side beyond the mountain: Success.

Sure enough, with a little hard work and determination, that girl’s dream came true and the play was a huge success! There was great feedback and people are still talking about it.

The moral of this story is to never stop, put others before yourself, believe in yourself and most importantly, follow your dreams! You can do it! With your vision, goal and objective in sight, devise a plan, throw in a little hard work, and you will have the perfect combination to achieve anything your dreams require. Remember to be a good example and a good steward over all you have been given.

We are given one life, one chance to make a difference. Reach for that goal it is yours!

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At only 15 years-old, actress Michaela Carrozzo is well on her way to Hollywood stardom. Already writing, directing and starring in her own stage play entitled "Miki's Bus," Michaela has been studying acting since her early childhood and hopes to turn her play into a full length feature script. Revolving around a bus of students headed to summer camp, "Miki’s Bus" follows different clicks as they attempt to understand one another and resolve their differences. Playing the lead role, Michaela premiered the show at the historic Star Theatre in Oceanside this past Spring.

When not in school or writing, Michaela teaches acting to other teenage and child actors at the Valetta Workshop in San Diego, CA. Her work has grabbed the attention of some of Hollywood’s top talent scouts and is forced to juggle a hectic schedule of auditioning. Not that this teen starlet minds though, acting is and has always been her passion in life and she continues to perform whenever she has the chance.

Already gaining ground in the acting scene, Michaela has made countless television appearances being featured on Nickelodeon's iCarly, the Discovery Channel and multiple nationwide commercials. Her talent continues to grow with every day and it won’t be long before Michaela breaks out as one of the premiere teen actors of her generation.

Currently, Michaela travels between San Diego and Los Angeles rehearsing her play, auditioning and writing. Her mother, Jill Carrozzo is a constant partner in her journey and even produces many of Michaela’s projects under her production company, Miki’s Productions.
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