To Have More Happiness, Eat Peas and Grapes! Part 2

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  • Welcome back.  I trust that you have explored holding the energy of Ease and that you’re finding it serves your feelings of happiness to do so. Let’s continue with how being in Ease helps you experience Peace.

    Ease is the surface layer of this deeper inner state. Peace is your State of Being beyond resistance. A place we all strive to get, and yet, there’s only one place to go to arrive there. Peace is within the Essence of you, the inner state of allowing and trust, the space of unequivocal knowing that everything is exquisitely right, that all is well, regardless of outer appearances. In the story in Part 1 of encountering and praying over a dead pelican, Ease is accepting that this particular walk includes a dead pelican (certainly not something I want to experience), and Peace is trusting that however it died, ultimately all is as it should be (even while the judging self might be looking for something or someone to blame).

    Peace in any given moment comes from choosing to transcend the situational aspects of a moment, while allowing those aspects to be exactly as they are. As Mahatma Gandhi taught:

    “Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”

    Sunset over the Ocean

    Peace is your State of Being beyond resistance.

    Your Peace within is always waiting for you in the I AMness of you. There is no opposite of that. Your fears, anxieties, angers, and sadnesses are not really the opposite of Peace. When they grip you tightly and you feel like you can’t get free of them, they are showing that you have disconnected from your Peace. When a lamp gets unplugged, its light goes out. But the electricity that can fuel it is still there waiting for the lamp to be plugged back in.

    Inner Peace can absolutely be your experience in the midst of struggle, pain, fear and sadness – the darkness of your life does not affect your access to your inner Light. As you practice transcending what is, even while you include it as perfect in the moment, you stay connected to Source within. It’s how you trust that you have safety, security, stamina, guidance, endurance, and comfort even in the midst of a beach walk with hills, rocks, debris, dead creatures and huge unknowns along the way.

    And finally, there is Grace, which is when we feel like something amazing has happened that we’re not sure we deserve. It’s what mystically and Divinely plugs your lamp back in when you can’t even reach the plug, and helps you traverse whatever is showing up on your path. Grace is experiencing the presence of God when we least expect to in our outer lives, because we are barely connected to that aspect of us within.

    Grace is the gift bestowed when you attach to the appearances of lack and limitation – being out of time and out of options – and abundance and opportunity show up anyway. Grace is what calls to you, asking what you really want when your vibration is calling to you reflections of the false-self. It shows up to remind you of who and what you are, and that you can choose how to experience whatever is happening, right when you may be at your absolute worst place for remembering and choosing.

    When you find yourself in the midst of situations that make you ask “Where did this come from?”, Grace helps you take responsibility and love yourself anyway, without judgment, guilt, blame or shame. It keeps you whole when you realize that sometimes you’re unable to claim the Divinity within you, and that you’re attached to the limited ideas of your human self, experiencing fear, sadness and loneliness.  As the poet Rumi says:

    “Give up to grace. The ocean takes care of each wave till it gets to shore.”

    Grace is the Divine Love that you are, loving you.

    So now you can see why I love to affirm Ease, Peace and Grace in my life always. I offer this mantra to you, and intend that it elevates your vibration so you can experience everything it is in your life now.


    Valerie Sheppard

    Valerie Sheppard is passionate about helping people experience more happiness, success and fulfillment. Using the 4-step process she created from her own journey of personal transformation, her clients are healing past wounds, overcoming obstacles, and empowering themselves to create more vibrant lives and thriving businesses. Valerie has a diverse coaching background spanning more than 25 years, including working with teens and adults, individuals and groups. She is a certified Sacred Contracts coach and Laughter Yoga leader, and has been trained in compassionate communication, spiritual direction and HeartMath. Valerie is a 2012 nominee for both the Orange County Business Journal’s Women in Business Award, and the 2012 National Association of Female Executives Rising Star Award. She is a national best-selling author with Greg S. Reid of Everything is Subject to Change, has been published in award-winning 11:11™ Magazine, Ezine, Divine Caroline™, and The Natural You™.  Her latest book, The Happy to Be ME! Handbook, is due out in 2014.

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