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“How can you begin to uncover your life purpose?” ~ Karrin, Milton Keynes

Our life purpose is at the core of who we are and many times it manifests itself in places that we least expect. Let me share three places to help you begin to examine, learn, and potentially uncover your life purpose.

1. Peak Experience: Consider your peak experience in life so far. What took place? What were you doing? Who were you being? What made it a peak experience for you? In this experience, signs of your life purpose may exist. Get curious about what happened. What values of yours were being honored or dishonored during this peak experience?

2. Rethink Blunders: Consider an event when you feel you made a big blunder. What happened? What were you trying to do and what actually happened? Sometimes when we make a blunder, it is an expression of our repressed life purpose trying to surface.

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, said, “Blunders are not the merest chance. They are the results of suppressed desires and conflicts. They are ripples on the surface of life, produced by unsuspected springs. And these may be very deep—as deep as the soul itself. The blunder may amount to the opening of a destiny.”

3. Family Tree: Get curious and examine your family tree. Go as deep as you can. Look beyond your parents and grandparents and try to understand what you can about the values and life purposes of your family members going back several generations. Who were these people? Where did they come from? What did they do? Does any of it resonate with you? If so, what parts?

I hope these three tips help you learn more about yourself and your life purpose.

All the best,

Chris Padgett

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Chris Padgett, PCC, CPCC, is an executive leadership coach and leader of Growth Revolution Inc.  He frequently speaks and writes about the confluence of change, resistance, and growth and its role in the lives of individuals and organizations.

Chris is one of only three coaches holding the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In creating Growth Revolution in 2010, Chris saw a market need for high quality coaching and facilitation services to help support leaders and organizations confronting the impact of changing markets make the necessary transitions required to grow. He brings a combined 20 years of professional experience to his clients.

Chris previously directed corporate marketing for a Fortune 100 company that is one of the largest for-profit health and wellbeing companies in the USA. During his 13 year tenure with Humana Inc., the organization experienced explosive growth and grew to be the largest in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and one of the largest organizations in its industry.

Chris is a certified graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, the coaching profession's most respected school.  He is credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation and he serves on the ICF Ohio Valley Board of Directors.

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  1. I am embarking on a new calling in life. I always been passionate about animals and Veterans returning from combat. I would like to become a part of an organization that has these value

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