How Can I Reconnect with My Higher Self?


“I can sense that my connection to my Higher Self is not fully open. Can you offer any insight as to what is causing this partial blockage and how to remove it?” ~ Su-Yin, San Francisco, CA

Dear Su-Yin,

As you focus on having a block, of course you make a vibrational match to having a block. In truth, you do not have a block at all. You simply have a limiting belief!

Find 10 minutes, not more than 15 minutes a day to simply “be”. Release all awareness of your past and all focus on your future and instead Be Here Now. There is nothing more for you to do. As you find thoughts coming in, simply notice them and see them floating away.

If it helps to have soothing meditation music on, that is fine. Music with no words can help you get into that quiet space.

Another effective technique is to focus your awareness on the moment between your exhale and your next inhale. In those moments, you will find you are with no thought.

Whether that is the only moment of your daily practice you find yourself with no thought or whether you find many moments of no thought, either way, you have done your work. You are strengthening your connection to the Higher Realms during this time.

This daily practice compounds occurs over time when you are willing to do it on a regular consistent basis. It’s a lot like going to the gym. You can’t work out once for hours and then not at all for weeks. But just a little bit every day creates amazing results.

Eva Gregory

Eva Gregory

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What Do You Think?