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“I am so upset with all the news and violence today. I wonder if watching it created more of it? If we all watch the news and the sadness, are we in fact creating it? Is that why so many young people are killing others? They are saddened and feel no one cares and see the news of others killing themselves, so they think they should? Is media creating more sadness and violence…? Again, should I turn off my TV and not watch it, or is that a coward’s way out? I fear that all the people watching the tragedies are creating more.” ~ PJ, Parma

Hi PJ,

Personally, I have not been able to watch the traditional news in MANY years and feel much better off for it! INFLUENCES that we surround ourselves with, whether it be negative news or people, do take some of our energy away and can cause us to feel “heavy” and depleted.

I tell my clients they can stay “informed” but do so in ways that won’t leave them exhausted or feeling powerless. There are positive news networks and there are ways of also just getting headlines from the news and if you feel VERY compelled to find out more… you can. I recommend positive news sources such as or There are many more you can find by searching for “Happy news” on Google.  

Media has been known for the “lead story” presented being the most traumatic — and this trend probably won’t change too soon. So it is up to US to choose WHAT we want to read, watch, and be in the energy of and surround ourselves with. It is not the coward’s way out – I feel it is a “conscious and aware” person that CHOOSES what they want to be in the energy of and allow to influence them. By being around positive influences – stories, people, situations – we are MUCH more apt to FEEL powerful and create from there. If we sit around and watch hours of news filled with fear, it is very doubtful we will feel inspired to do much of anything except complain about how “bad” everything is.  

By watching too much negativity, I feel we get desensitized or become so sensitive to it we do feel powerless and overwhelmed. Thank you for noticing how it makes you feel and knowing you can do something to make yourself feel better. THIS is to be celebrated… and by you taking this step and writing in, you are also making others aware and THAT is also a gift for others!  Thank you! 


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Jenny Mannion is originally from NYC and now lives in Upstate NY.  In successfully eliminating her symptoms of several chronic diseases in under one month, she found her path to healing. She has since written over 200 articles on healing naturally. She works with clients as a mind/body mentor and healing practitioner using Reconnective Healing.  She also reads and clears Akashic Records for people and properties. Most recently, she has authored the book, A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life which guides readers through 30 very short and easy exercises to transform their lives.

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  1. Absolutely, that which you read and view daily affects you. The concern that, by avoiding news, one is being an ostrich with its head in the sand is legitimate. So, my thought here is that you can best avoid the mental exhaustion and corruptive impacts of the news by simply choosing to get your news from independent sources – I enjoy following activism organizations because there’s actually inspiration to take action against the negativity out there in the world.

    As a side, too, be aware that nearly all news outlets are the voices of the same huge organizations –

    1. Hi M, Thanks so much for writing in and I agree 100%. Independent news is a good way to go and it can also motivate you to ACTION instead of feeling powerless as mainstream media seems to have the energy of. There are also conspiracy sites that can incite fear – it is best to find those that are all about truth and also ways we can join together and HELP situations. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  2. First off, thank you Jenny for a very helpful response. What you are expressing makes sense to me. I have already shared this link for others to read and Favorited your suggested uplifting news sites. I do believe if everyone keeps watching the news, our earth will continue to be consumed by tragedy and negativity. BUT, maybe if we keep spreading the word as you explain it, changes will begin and hopefully like a small snowball rolling and rolling turn into a HUGE one. Again, Thank you

    1. Hi PJ, You are so welcome. I loved your question and am happy you are sharing links with others. When we all feel empowered and excited to BE the change instead of being overwhelmed feeling powerless – we can truly work together to change the world. THIS is the stuff of miracles and sometimes it is amazing how even a small group of people working together for a single cause can create DRAMATIC shifts in a short period of time. I am so grateful for your awareness and for you taking the time to ask this important question.
      Gratefully with Love, Jenny

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