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Danielle Joworski is a wife and mother of two and is re-creating her own success story, hoping to inspire women to do the same proving that dreams really do come true if you believe in them and believe in yourself. After she made the courageous decision to re-define what balance and family meant she truly re-connected with her childhood passion to write a book to more directly help others achieve their goals. In her upcoming book, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls (release date: November 10th), Danielle shares her personal struggles as well as her triumphant wins over her self-belief in an awe-inspiring manner to relate to both women and young female readers and encourage self-belief and confidence through a mentoring process. After earning her Bachelor of Education in Adult Education, she continues on to pursue her passion to teach and help others to unlock their own infinite learning potential. As an adult educator, Danielle seeks to empower others to find the learning opportunity in any situation, focus on positive results and realize that abundance is possible.

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Empower Yourself and Our Girls to Pursue Dreams – Sponsored

Through the development of a mentoring relationship, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls guides women and girls through a reflective process of identifying what they truly desire in life. Using her own life’s lessons, Danielle Joworski provides affirmations and stories that will motivate female readers of all ages to build their self-belief and confidence in order to start sharing their dreams. As the mentoring relationship grows stronger, readers will be inspired to help and support each other to break down the internal and external barriers standing in the way of their dreams becoming a reality. Great ready to learn more about yourself and the thoughts and dreams of a young girl and to see the truly amazing results of what can happen when you both pursue your dreams.

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Be a Mentor and have Infinite Impact

Life today can provide us with many new challenges that can be difficult to work through. For some, especially youth who lack experience relating and responding to these situations, life's challenges can bring with them even greater feelings of emotional distress. What I have learned in life is that we each have the power as mentors to help others face challenges and come out stronger, wiser and more confident. If you are sharing your life experiences with the hope that you are providing guidance to another, you are being a mentor! You are positively impacting the life of someone else. You possess mentoring capabilities…

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