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My name is Jeff Einstein. I’m a digital media pioneer long ago turned apostate. My digital chops date all the way back to 1984, when I authored Einstein’s Computer Guides, the first major how-to book series on personal computers, and co-founded Einstein and Sandom Interactive, the nation’s first digital advertising agency. But my rebirth and journey as the Digital Apostate began back in early 2004 -- some years before Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and smartphones ruled the world -- when I posed a simple question: What happens to the quality of life for our families and communities and nation when a state-sanctioned meta addiction to all things media and all things digital emerges — by design — as the default social condition, the rule rather than the exception? A few folks called me prescient back then. Most called me crazy. Story of my life either way.

A native New Yorker, these days I live with my better 75% and a fierce gato in lovely Delray Beach, Florida.


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Use Your Time Wisely… Simple Lessons for Daily Life

I would begin with the notion that time is our most precious inventory, and that the quality of our lives reflects how and where and with whom we spend it. The tragedy of modern life resides in the everyday Faustian exchange of time for false promises and trivial distraction. Free time is the only meaningful measure of a free society, and real freedom is always defined and defended by the option not to participate. As with knowledge and wisdom and peace, therefore, the path to freedom is subtractive, not additive. Things to do on a daily basis... 1. Whatever your…

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