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Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian is a heart surgeon using his Internet marketing business to fund heart surgery for under-privileged children in India.

Heart surgery is expensive. Many of his patients, from poor families, cannot afford the cost of treatment. So Dr.Mani decided to try and help sponsor the operations... by funding it through donations and a share of profits from his Internet infopreneur business.

This was the simple concept behind an online adventure that started in 1996.

Thirteen years later, Dr.Mani's team has funded and performed heart surgery in 47 children, with many more to follow. He's well on his way to achieve an ambitious mission: to make high quality heart health care accessible and affordable to every Indian child.

8 Success Tips for Living Happily

Here's what I believe to be the success of living happily... 1) Have a dream. It may be lofty or small - but it should be yours. And it must do two things. It should make you happy. And it should be of value to others. 2) Live your dream with passion. Passion is the energy that fires the spark of your desire, fans it into a glorious flame, and shows off your radiant brilliance. 3) Pursue your dream with determination. Believe with all your heart that it will come true, no matter how remote or difficult or impossible it…

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Ask a Luminary

Can I Make More Time?

"I feel like I'm being pulled in 10 directions at the same time, every day. How can I find the time to keep everyone happy, including me?" ~ Denise, St. Albans, UK Dear Denise, My biggest accomplishment is that I've learned to S-T-R--E--T--C-H out time! :) But seriously... I've mastered a trick that gets me a few extra hours every day (and you can learn it too). It's the only way I can juggle my professional duties as a surgeon, family responsibilities, managing a non-profit foundation, writing content for my websites, and more. What's the trick? FOCUS. When I'm operating, my…

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