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Michael Grandinetti is one of the world’s top illusionists who performs on television and in stadiums, casinos, and theaters around the country. Michael was recently a featured performer in the television series “Masters of Illusion” which aired Friday nights this summer on The CW.

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4 Magical Strategies for Success

Believe in Unlimited Potential As a magician, I've spent many enjoyable hours on stage, looking out at the faces of people in the audience. I think a magic performance is a powerful experience because it creates a view of a world where there are no limits. One of the things I love the most is watching people's eyes light up as they let go of their preconceptions and allow themselves to believe in this fantasy world, even if only for a few hours. Magic represents unlimited potential and unexpected possibilities -- important things for all of us to remember, believe…

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How Do I Take The Next Step in My Career?

"As a medical professional, I feel that I have reached a plateau at my job. I love the job with all of my heart (patients). I work hard on a daily basis. I feel that I could use a pay increase. It has been 6 years since I last had an increase in pay. At the same time, I feel with all of my heart that I was put on earth to do something really great as far as serving people. How do I find out what my next step is in life? I feel stuck." ~ Brenda, Georgia Hi Brenda,…

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Ask a Luminary

How Do I Find My Purpose – Not My Job?

"My life has been quite the journey. Oh, if one could only see what lies behind that statement! I have learned that my life is my choice and I choose to live in today. I practice gratitude daily. I choose my thoughts, taking captive those that are not healthy and promptly discarding them. I choose to envision my relationships as healthy, happy, and secure. I choose to envision my life as fulfilled, complete, successful and prosperous. With all that said, I find myself in a job - that's right, a JOB - NOT my life's purpose! My heart yearns to…

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