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Believe in Unlimited Potential

As a magician, I’ve spent many enjoyable hours on stage, looking out at the faces of people in the audience. I think a magic performance is a powerful experience because it creates a view of a world where there are no limits.

One of the things I love the most is watching people’s eyes light up as they let go of their preconceptions and allow themselves to believe in this fantasy world, even if only for a few hours. Magic represents unlimited potential and unexpected possibilities — important things for all of us to remember, believe in, and convey to others as we journey through life.

Follow Your Passion Through Adversity

I was very lucky to find my passion early and I wish for everyone to find their true passion in life. I discovered magic when I was 5 years old and, from the very beginning, I was hooked. Magic became the focus of my world and I quickly became determined to go after some pretty large goals.

But what really stands out as I look back is that I was so blinded by my love for magic that I would never take the time to evaluate whether what I was trying to do was possible or if I could actually achieve it. I faced each new mountain to climb as if it unquestionably could be done. I never allowed a doubt to enter my mind and, in the end, I was able to see each goal come to life.

That’s not to say that it was easy or that there weren’t extremely difficult obstacles and unexpected challenges along the way. There were – we all face them. But, it’s important to work through them, to not be distracted or discouraged, and to tenaciously continue down your path.

Remember to Serve Others

Over the years, I’ve learned that a sincere, optimistic approach can really affect our lives in an amazing way. It’s also crucial that we share this outlook with others. In our fast-moving society where free time seems to constantly disappear, it’s easy to become wrapped up in our own schedules, itineraries, and plans. However, taking a moment to look outward and to help uplift others is extremely important. Sometimes even small touches leave a lasting impact.

Don’t Limit Yourself

One of my favorite sayings is “don’t know what you can’t do” and I think those are words to live by. On my road to building a career in a field where I’m surrounded by impossibilities – women floating in the air, people walking through walls, inanimate objects coming to life not knowing what I couldn’t do made all the difference. We need to set big goals, push the boundaries of our imagination, and never, not even for a minute, limit what we or the people around us truly believe we can do.

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Michael Grandinetti is one of the world’s top illusionists who performs on television and in stadiums, casinos, and theaters around the country. Michael was recently a featured performer in the television series “Masters of Illusion” which aired Friday nights this summer on The CW.

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  1. Michael Grandinetti, your message is magic, thanks !
    I believe in the power of magic , if you believe it is possible, it is…..

  2. One of my favorite sayings is “don’t know what you can’t do” and I think those are words to live by.
    This is an excellent reminder Michael for anything in life. Thanks for your upbeat message.

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