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Let’s start from the beginning… When you learned to crawl, it required a pushing movement. You had to learn to push your knees to move yourself to another point. Then you learned to walk, same push, different position. Then you ran, you pushed further and harder.

To think that pushing is not a necessary element of growth and life, try crawling into work or school tomorrow. Pushing is a physical activity that exerts more pressure out than you accept inside. Pushing is a fundamental of life. So why do so many resist it?

Because it is uncomfortable, it is unknown… and sometimes it hurts.

To become a success, you will be uncomfortable… most of the time. Furthermore, remaining a success means you MUST be comfortable “not knowing”.

Drill into your head that you WILL not succeed the first time. People will laugh at you, roll their eyes and cut you off in the middle of your story. This is part of the PUSH.

Drill into your head that you will be so very afraid of stepping into your purpose and destiny. It will be one of the most uncomfortable situations to be present in. But you are right where you need to be in that moment. This is part of the PUSH.

Drill into your head that you will want to give up many, many times over. It’s a natural feeling when something is unfamiliar and difficult. You will think that you are nuts for wanting to pursue something so risky. This is part of the PUSH.

Discomfort, the Unknown and Failure are the required mountains of any successful person.

People in the gym are always pushing. It’s the only way the muscles are strengthened. When stagnant muscles are pushed beyond their “comfortable capacity,” they are strengthened.

What is true about the physical is also true about your mind, your intellect and your thoughts. When you have faith in what you see, you have sight, but when you push past what you see, you create vision. Show me someone who failed because they “pushed” and I will show you the leprechaun and white unicorn I have in my backyard.

Stop peddling and pushing a bike uphill and you will roll back, perhaps further than you started. Pushing and quitting do not go hand in hand. They are opposites. No one pushes just so they can quit.

Life is a Big Push. It requires more of you than you will receive, but the rewards of pushing are amazing. What if great inventors such as Thomas Edison (the light bulb), Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone) or George Washington Carver (peanuts) stopped pushing?

Once you get the fever to push, it’s hard to stop.

Push till you reach your goal and then set another one.

Push yourself to do more, to learn more, to be more.

It’s all in the P.U.S.H… Pursue Until Success Happens!

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Rhonda Nails….some may know her as The Success Instigator but before that she was Blind, Broken and Bankrupt.

To understand the woman behind Project PUSH, you must understand her “story”:

At the age of 5 an accident left her BLIND in one eye….
At age 25 she was left BROKEN as a single mother….
At age 34 a loan scam left her to file BANKRUPTCY….

Despite these 3 B’s, she became the Owner of Signature Notaries; A Nationwide Notary Network, the Founder of Project PUSH, an Amazon Kindle Best Seller… TWICE, a Motivational Speaker, and a Business Consultant/Coach.

Rhonda Nails earned her Bachelor’s in Communications from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1999. After working and becoming frustrated with the corporate climb, Mrs. Nails started and currently manages Signature Notaries, LLC, A Nationwide Notary Network in 2005. Her business has serviced over 2,200 clients and counting since its conception. Several years later in 2010, and after series of "life events" the urge to fulfill more than being "just a business owner" constantly plagued Rhonda.


Project PUSH is more than just an organization that supports entrepreneurship. It uses Rhonda’s story of building a business through Bankruptcy to help other Entrepreneurs build their businesses even on a Bankrupt budget! Project P.U.S.H. started as a simple motivational is quickly becoming a MOVEMENT.

If you have ever heard Rhonda speak, you will understand why she is known and referred to as "The SUCCESS Instigator"....someone who stirs up success in others.

*Rhonda's ultimate goal is to become the "Secret Billionaire" among Entrepreneurs. Giving and investing in those who represent the P.U.S.H....Pursue Until Success Happens.

For more information, please visit

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  1. Rhonda, what a fabulous post! This inspiration makes such great sense. I LOVE what you wrote, “When you have faith in what you see, you have sight, but when you push past what you see, you create vision.” I also like that you like peanuts! 🙂

  2. I can not stress enough how important the point in this article is – and not just for me, it’s important for literally every single human being on this planet.
    It’s incredibly easy to get carried away focusing on obstacles instead of way to push against them and find ourselves on the path to true self discovery and happiness.
    Thank you so much for writing this, it’s a great reminder. I’ll make sure to share this article with my dearest ones.

  3. God has His ways in showing you what He wants you to know. What you need. Thank you for being Gods hand, Rhonda. Have a blessed life.

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