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I am an ear nose and throat specialist whose subspecialty is scuba diving medicine. Therefore it is necessary for me to develop drug free therapies, and to form a company- Hydro Med Inc to bring these therapies to the public. Though I treat sinus and ear problems, I am convinced that reducing stress chemicals is vital to cure these conditions.

We already know that stress chemicals age persons and reduce immune products; therefore a method of reducing these factors is needed. I am convinced that no one ever became stress free by reading about it, so I have included actions that have worked for my patients in my book, Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror.

I practice in Los Angeles, where everyone wants to be youthful. I believe being creative is the best way to have a youthful skin and health. Proof is that my patients who follow these actions have been the best publicity for my book. Especially when people give the book to their parents and even grandparents! My brilliance I want to pass along is to show how you too can be free of stress, don't, and can't in order to be creative. 

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Today’s Brilliance from Murray Grossan

I would encourage all to use inspiration as a means of achieving a stress free life of achievement. A person, free of stress chemicals, who is creative, is in the very best state of existence, both health wise and emotionally. Reduce Stress Hormones Fact: Stress hormones age a person, shunt glycogen from the brain, and narrow blood vessels-often with severe circulatory consequences. A huge number of illnesses are caused by stress- let's avoid those. Fact: Free of stress hormones, natural healing and creative thoughts can be amplified. Becoming stress hormone free and creative is no different than learning a tennis…

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Use of Time Travel to Inspire You Today

By Dr. Murray Grossan. In Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror I speak of time travel for health and relaxation. What works is to relax, then recall using five senses – smell, taste, feel, sight, sound and joy. When you do this properly, your body chemistry changes, sometimes significantly. If you recall that happy 18th birthday, maybe you will have a similar chemistry that you did then. You can monitor this effect. Your blood pressure may change. Your pulse rate may change. Your white count may change too as well as your blood sugar. As a medical student…

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How to “get” Inspire Me Today

By Dr. Murray Grossan. I have had the pleasure of reading Inspire Me Today for some weeks now. Really good stuff here. There are truly some outstanding ideas, like breathe in beauty. I have been telling my patients this every day with amazing results. And jot down emotional experiences to have for today. That is an outstanding idea. But I come from the world of brain wave recordings, MRI, and measuring electrical muscle output. I write in my own book that no one has ever been cured of stress by reading a book. You must have actions, movements, stretch and…

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