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I would encourage all to use inspiration as a means of achieving a stress free life of achievement. A person, free of stress chemicals, who is creative, is in the very best state of existence, both health wise and emotionally.

Reduce Stress Hormones
Fact: Stress hormones age a person, shunt glycogen from the brain, and narrow blood vessels-often with severe circulatory consequences. A huge number of illnesses are caused by stress- let’s avoid those.

Fact: Free of stress hormones, natural healing and creative thoughts can be amplified.

Becoming stress hormone free and creative is no different than learning a tennis serve. You need practice and you need a coach to show you how to do it correctly.

Send No Stress Signals
First, I recommend you send no stress signals to the stress center. For example, when stressed you breathe rapidly. So, practice breathing in count of four and exhaling slowly and in a relaxed manner at the count of six.

Your muscles also tighten when stressed. Use a mirror to see your face, jaw, and shoulders relax. Your mirror is your full time coach. These two practices – repeated daily- cause a reduction of stress hormones.

No More Don’t and Can’t
Practice getting rid of don’t and can’t. I can’t dance, I can’t do puzzles, girls don’t do sports – these have built up over the years in most persons who are held back from being the creative persons they want to be. Here too, daily exercises include designing an ideal health spa, memorizing lists with gross humor, writing an outrageous story or invention, practicing humor- these and other practices free you from don’t and can’t and give free reign to creativity and accomplishing your most cherished goals. Check out the coach of any winning team- he practices getting rid of don’t and can’t.

Creativity is the Fountain of Youth
Look at a senior arts and crafts workshop. See how the faces of those working in clay or paint light up and look younger, their various aches forgotten or maybe healed! Creativity, whether a new dish or a modified dress, is the true fountain of youth.

As you read the daily messages here on Inspire Me Today, recall that to accomplish them you must utilize your senses and perform an action. No one has ever accomplished a goal by reading about it. “She helped her friend by visiting her and cooking her dinner.”

Utilize Your Senses
In addition to performing actions, you should work to utilize your senses and thus “enlarge” your brain – neuroplasticity means that new parts of the brain can be activated by practice. For example, simply practice identifying objects by feel, smell or taste. You can become “brainier” just by learning to identify your clothes by touch!

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I am an ear nose and throat specialist whose subspecialty is scuba diving medicine. Therefore it is necessary for me to develop drug free therapies, and to form a company- Hydro Med Inc to bring these therapies to the public. Though I treat sinus and ear problems, I am convinced that reducing stress chemicals is vital to cure these conditions.

We already know that stress chemicals age persons and reduce immune products; therefore a method of reducing these factors is needed. I am convinced that no one ever became stress free by reading about it, so I have included actions that have worked for my patients in my book, Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror.

I practice in Los Angeles, where everyone wants to be youthful. I believe being creative is the best way to have a youthful skin and health. Proof is that my patients who follow these actions have been the best publicity for my book. Especially when people give the book to their parents and even grandparents! My brilliance I want to pass along is to show how you too can be free of stress, don't, and can't in order to be creative. 

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