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People become entrepreneurs for many different reasons, some to do what they love, others to help serve people and others just to pay their bills or even live the lifestyle of their dreams. Regardless of the reason you may want to start your own business, you must realize that successful entrepreneurs are really artists.

When a painter begins their masterpiece, they are looking at a blank slate. When a sculptor begins their masterpiece, they are looking at a lump of clay. What separates the master painter and master sculptor from the rest of the crowd is that they see opportunity from that blank slate or lump of clay.

When an entrepreneur envisions their masterpiece, they are looking at nothing other than opportunity. That is the same opportunity that the master painter or sculptor sees.

It takes a true artist to see something out of nothing and an even greater artist to begin the process to sculpt the situation to match that which they envision. Sometimes no one can see what you see and sometimes people may even tell you that you are crazy for thinking you can see some kind of opportunity.

Well, you may be crazy, or maybe you are just crazy enough to believe what you see is possible.

If you do what everyone else has done, you will have what everyone else has. It is entrepreneurs who are willing to do what no one else is willing to do so they can have what no one else has.

They are willing to give up immediate gratification for long-term fulfillment. They don’t mind working long nights and weekends because they believe that those long hours will be worth it in the end.

It is that belief that drives them to do what they do in the face of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Therefore, when they persist on, they do end up creating a masterpiece.

The true masterpieces are lives that are built around your passion and values so that everyday you can wake up doing what you love and generate a profit doing it. Many people don’t become entrepreneurs because they don’t know how to monetize their dream. The happiest entrepreneurs figure out a way to do the things that they really enjoy and build systems around all the other things, utilizing other peoples efforts, resources and technology.

I would like to invite you to figure out what you love to do and then begin making an inquiry into how you can do more of that and less of what you don’t enjoy. Then I would begin asking yourself how can you continue to do that thing you enjoy while serving others, and how you can serve the greatest amount of people. Next I would ask myself how can I continue to do what I love, serve others and generate enough revenue to support my lifestyle.

When you answer those questions and can design a lifestyle that you love, you are a true Entrepreneur Artist!

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Originally from New Jersey and a graduate of Towson University in 1999, Lautman immediately moved to New York City after college and began his full time, professional selling career. A "born salesman," Louis accelerated at his craft and quickly became a company leader for a competitive telecommunications company, knocking on at least 50 doors a day.

After sweeping the streets cold calling NYC for 2 years, Lautman moved to Tampa, Florida to hire, train and manage a sales office for the next year. After realizing his true passion of helping people, Louis traveled the country training executives for Anthony Robbins and Tom Hopkins.

In 2003, Lautman started a Training and Development Company ( working with top Fortune 500 Companies, and hosting public seminars. His audiences call him "Moving," "Motivating," "Energizing" and "Inspirational." Louis designed the entire curriculum in his training and produced five books and over 50 hours of training material. In Lautman's young life, he's made over 10,000 cold calls in person and on the telephone and has given over 1,500 presentations, workshops and seminars.

In the summer of 2007, Lautman created a virtual society of young like-minded motivated business people, The Young Entrepreneur Society. As Louis wanted to create a platform for young people who were looking for more in their lives he created The YES Movie as a launching pad to motivate and inspire others around the world. This enlivening documentary is impacting the lives of millions of people and becoming the catalyst for inspiring still greater passion in business and life.

In 2011, as Lautman's business and life were officially virtual, he found himself traveling globally and managing over 20 virtual employees. People's fascination began growing about how Lautman could manage this team, and naturally Supreme Outsourcing was born.

Today Lautman travels the world, helping entrepreneurs free up their time, do more of what they love and accelerate revenues by sharing his inspirational and transformational message of empowerment through conscious entrepreneurship.

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