Happy @ Work

Ready to reap the rewards of a job well and happily done? Even in a tight economy, job satisfaction isn’t a luxury; fulfilled, happy employees are productive, innovative, and loyal. And workplace fulfillment spills over into happier families and better communities.

In Jim Donovan’s new book, HAPPY @ WORK, you’ll learn shift-producing strategies on everything from managing time, making decisions, and marking milestones to breaking patterns, bouncing back, and becoming exceptional. Each tip’s method and rationale are clearly explained, and real workplace vignettes demonstrate the benefits and results that can be gleaned from simple shifts and actions.

HAPPY @ WORK will empower you with the knowledge that no matter the circumstance, you can think, act, and feel in ways that create purpose, success, and, yes, happiness.

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4 Steps to Outrageous Business Success

Don’t be afraid to try. There are schools across the country teaching that “this” is the way business gets done and we read books and web blogs with all kinds of messages saying “this” is how business is done. You are going to find conflicting ideas, thoughts, and theories and hear what has worked for others, but you won’t know what is going to work for you until you try it. If it were as easy as what the books say or what we are taught, then everybody would be doing the same thing and nobody would stand out. You… Read more.

Stop Waiting for It to Get Easier

I learned 13 years ago how precious life is, and how short it can be, when I was diagnosed with melanoma. Having cancer was a defining moment in my life and I realized that that no matter what goals and dreams I had – the time to make them happen was now.  I still run my life and operate my various businesses with that same sense of urgency. As a coach to entrepreneurs and small business owners, I hear about ideas for growth a lot. And whether the idea is based on a new product, a new or improved service,… Read more.

Tapping into the power of G-Force – Grace and Gratitude – is like adding rocket fuel to your business and life!

As A Man Thinks So Is He…

As A Man Thinks So Is He… Build mutually beneficial winning agreements, relationships and arrangements every where you go. One of the master keys in living a fruitful rewarding life is fostering and growing a healthy relationship with your creator and other people you position yourself around. You will be and become like the top 5 people and things you hang out with and listen to most. The three most powerful letters I have ever encountered are W.H.Y.  These three letters are the most powerful letters because they spell a word that reveals intention and motivation of a person’s heart…. Read more.

The Cost of Business as Usual

Most individuals in current business environments have the feeling of being chained to one’s desk for an inhuman amount of hours, running to endless meetings, and being bombarded by constant emails and calls. Many employees are doing the work of two or more people these days. Associates are being held accountable for unrealistic sales goals. Everything is a crisis. The result is stress. And a lot of it. The irony is that the more hectic our day, the more stress we experience and the less productive we become. When we are stressed, our fight-or-flight system kicks in, the same unconscious… Read more.

Your 5 Principle Framework for Life

Over forty years ago, I made an (un)fortunate career choice to enter the computer industry during its infancy. It is a brutal business that changes radically every twelve to eighteen months, has tremendous cost pressures and has huge financial rewards. It is not for the faint of heart. To survive during my career, I derived five principles that provide a broad framework for life: Disruptive change will constantly occur Live one day at a time Keep a positive attitude Do something significant Embrace the richness of life Disruptive change will constantly occur Change and disruption constantly occur. Disruptive change has… Read more.

How To Do Divine Business

Businesses can and should be mechanisms for doing great God driven things in this world. Money is not bad, unless it becomes the first objective and thus the idol to be sought and worshiped. Many companies know this and succeed in many ways, while they are directed by purposes other than money. Ironically, they also succeed financially, because they have higher goals, not in spite of them. Unfortunately this is harder for public companies, but even many of them do not put money first, and thus reap rewards for themselves and people in general. I have been blessed in my… Read more.

Give With No Expectations

Giving without the expectation of getting anything in return can lead to amazing personal fulfillment and rich rewards. If we are willing to give away what we have both from an intellectual perspective and an emotional perspective, we are often rewarded in so many ways. Let me begin by talking about the business side. If I am abundant and willing to share what I know (ideas, processes, procedures, etc.) even with my closest competitor, I win. I win in knowing I have assisted others. I win in knowing that I am helping my industry grow and prosper. I win because… Read more.

Beyond Money and Power

Lately I have been experiencing a ground swell of desire for a new way to be and live. I expect to see this from my clients, however I am seeing it in places and people I would not expect. Arianna Huffington shares her thoughts about redefining success in her new book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder. Instead of focusing solely on money and power, she calls us to look to a third metric centered on the quality of our lives. A relaxing weekend at a friend’s summer house becomes a discussion… Read more.

Don’t Believe Your Fears

I like to think I am fearless, and in many ways I am. But in some ways I am not. One of the most noticeable ways is in regards to my business. I fear not having enough income to pay my bills. I fear I will not be able to make the business what I want it to be. I fear that I made a mistake making my passion and purpose my business. The problem is when I listen to my fears and believe them, I make bad choices. If I believe I won’t have sufficient income, I feel it… Read more.

Insights from a Baby Boomer

As a female baby boomer, I am proud that my generation of women has made many forward strides with women’s rights and workplace equity, but there’s still so much that needs to be done. Gen Y Women – your combination of a clean slate, fresh insight on technology, and family values has the potential to change the world. It’s up to your generation now! To help you with this, I’m giving you a gift of the wisdom I’ve learned. Take Charge of Your Life Today. Do you really know what you value, what your important roles are, and what YOUR PASSION… Read more.

5 Steps to Total Success

Success is when your thoughts and actions move you closer to your goals, and when your goals move you closer to happiness. When I began my dental practice over three decades ago, I never dreamed my goals would take me down this path from successful dentist to motivational speaker and eventually to author. It was a natural evolution. In the beginning, I felt I was running my practice inefficiently, so I hired people to teach me how to run the business better. My mentor helped me learn a goal-setting process, beyond making haphazard resolutions. I eventually found that “Total Success” requires… Read more.

Your Total Success

Express Who You Are Through What You Do

We all want to be successful in life, but finding what it takes isn’t as easy as it might seem. In our culture, there is a strong tendency to equate success with position, power, and money, and that was my perspective as I prepared myself for a business career and as I advanced in the corporate world. I assumed that I would feel complete as a person when I achieved enough position, power, and money. But how much is enough? It was only after becoming CEO of a startup company that I realized there would never be enough, that I needed… Read more.

Love is the Key

How Can I Make My Business a Success?

“I lost my job and decided to start a business, only to learn how difficult it can be. How can I make my business a success?” ~ John, Campbell, CA Dear John, The first question to answer is: Why are you in business? Don’t accept your first answer. Question that answer and keep questioning your answers to get to the real truth. It will boil down to your desire of having a dream lifestyle. Now, take that lifestyle and define it as a S.M.A.R.T. goal. (Make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.) Visualize this goal daily, if not 10 times… Read more.

How Attitude and Discipline Can Rock Your Life

How Do I Find the Courage to Quit?

“I really need to quit my job but have a family to support. The biggest obstacle is money and time. Can you please provide any tips on courage and taking the business leap?” ~ Erick, Henderson, NV For starters, you could start a side business and keep working until the side business generates enough income to quit. That is what I did when I first quit my job. Fear often replaces courage when we become overwhelmed by the monumental nature of the task ahead, like “how am I going to build a business with enough income to support my family.”… Read more.

10 Commandments for Success

I did not realize the level of sacrifice that would be required to become not only an entrepreneur, but a successful entrepreneur. I wish I had understood the value of investing when I started out. I would done the things that I needed to do in order to “produce” and to make money very differently. The most important rule I have learned in life is to never, ever give up, no matter how difficult the situation may be. For every situation there is a solution! We dream and we dream big, but dreams are one thing – bringing them into… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Kent Lewis

I can distill my business philosophy based on my experiences at 10 different organizations into the 7Ps of a successful business, as outlined below. People The number one determining factor in the success of a business is the people involved. It’s all about getting the right people “on the bus” in order to create a unique, lasting company. I’m talking about those special individuals that value the relationship and see the benefits of supporting the business. In building your business, consider implementing a process and policies that identify, attract and retain “A talent” (i.e. Topgrading). Product As best stated by… Read more.