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Right now I want to share the success strategies I have followed to reach tens of thousands of people with my audio meditations, facilitate more than 400 meditation workshops, have hundreds of my articles published and create a business out of my greatest passions in life. I’ll give you a hint: I didn’t just “manifest it” like some law of attraction junkies believe happens to people who are living their dreams.

Businesswoman Sitting In Lotus PoseI do want to address the topic of “manifesting” for a moment. I hear so many new age type people talking about manifesting their visions. But if you ask most successful people they will tell you that the Universe didn’t just come knocking on their door and give them the dream they asked for because they were able to hold the visualization of it happening for 30 straight seconds.

It takes hard work, persistence, loads of dedication, unbelievable amounts of focus, ridiculous trust & belief in yourself and life, as well as tons of ingredients that we just don’t know but will discover along the way. There’s no way around the work that you’ll have to put into getting what you want in life, so if you’ve been hoping for overnight success or that someone would suddenly discover how awesome you are, then read this list because it’s going to help move you forward at a far quicker speed than spending the next 347 lifetimes visualizing your success and waiting for it to “manifest”.

1. Decide what you want, then do it: It sounds simple, but this is a difficult thing to do. Most people overthink everything and therefore never take action. If you want to get somewhere in life and business, then decide what you want and start taking constant, immediate action towards it. No action gets you nowhere. If you want to teach, then book an event. If you want passive income, then build an online eProduct. If you want freedom, then set yourself free. There’s really nothing to fear. If you fail, then learn and try again.

2. ABC = Always Be Creating: If you can do this, then you will go far. Every day create something that aligns with what you love most in life and where you want your life to move. I have honestly published hundreds of articles, videos and now nearly a hundred audio meditations. Some of them were super successful and some flopped. But I didn’t let the ones that flopped discourage me (for long); instead I moved on and created the next piece of inspiration to share with the world. Through this process of constantly creating I have learned so much about myself, my attachments, fears, creating content, business, marketing AND figuring out how to only always do what I love. If I would have waited to offer the perfect thing in the perfect moment, then I would have missed out on a lot of opportunities, successes and lessons. Create something every day.

3. Be persistent, dammit: I have been discouraged and on the brink of getting a ‘real job’ so many times along the way. Fortunately I didn’t. The journey of creating the reality, lifestyle and business that is authentically what you want is a challenging task to take on. The reason it’s so tough is because we have to face all our demons, get over our fears and deal with our shit because nobody else is going to be there to hold us accountable. But if you keep saying yes to breakthrough experiences and you’re willing to screw up, fail, learn, look lame and grow, then you’re going to keep making progress. Progress is good. Don’t give up.

4. Time is the Most Valuable Asset: Most people think money is the most valuable asset and so they give most of their time to work a job doing stuff they dislike in order to get money. There’s nothing wrong with having a job, unless it’s a job you dislike. I love my time and so I took a massive pay cut to gain the freedom desired. In my beginning years as an entrepreneur I made less than $10,000 per year (that’s less than someone on welfare). Guess what though- I used all the time I had to work on myself, dream my desired life, teach myself meditation, start teaching workshops and in the process I was able to impact the lives of thousands of people and learn the lessons to grow Cowabunga Life to what it is now (and what it will be). Those first years were my spiritual and business boot camp and I’m so grateful for all the time I invested in myself.

Man Giving A Perfect Gesture5. You don’t Need to Be Perfect: Teach what you’re passionate about, what you love, what you’ve learned and what you want to learn more of. Most people are waiting for approval from outside sources. This is something that’s programmed into our culture from childhood and it does not serve. The best way to learn is to teach. Create videos, write, set up workshops, share your story and if only one person shows up to appreciate your gift, then that’s a great start and you should book 100+ follow ups! Keep practicing. When I started teaching Cowabunga Meditations, it was once a week, grew to twice a week and eventually three times per week and before I knew it I had led more than 450 meditation experiences (WHOA!) and eCourses with participants from more than 20 countries! There has never been a better time to share what you’re passionate about and help another human. Start now, later is too late.

6. Learn from those you Respect: Everyone wants to give advice, but I generally only take advice from people who have done what I want to do (at least the really important advice). If you want to be a millionaire, learn from those who are doing that. If you want to be free, then follow those who have found freedom. If you want to love your life then watch what the life-lovers do to enjoy theirs’. Find a mentor or mentors and learn as much as you can from them. Follow their blog, sign up for their courses. Study what they do. Who are your mentors?

7. Create Awesome Habits: The greatest strategy in life is to build your foundation for success from the inside out. Give yourself amazing habits and rhythms that will keep you strong and balanced through the many ups and downs you’ll face. I see so many entrepreneurs or creative types who are like walking zombies living on coffee, cigarettes, booze, drugs and no sleep. Staying balanced in your being is so crucial. That way you can actually enjoy your success when you get there instead of having to heal yourself from cancer because you spent so many years neglecting your needs. (Ouch, big lesson here!)

8. Have Fun: Sometimes I get really worked up because it seems like my dreams are unfolding too slowly. Life goes fast though and if you take my advice and simply stay focused and keep taking action, your dream is going to come true. Don’t stress yourself out or force things to happen that aren’t naturally flowing. Be patient and do things you love every day to help pass the time while your dreams unfold.

Always remember to enjoy your life because if you’re not, what’s the point?

9. Drop your Expectations: My expectations have caused me so much misery and heartache. If you’re smart, learn from me and get rid of yours right now. Strive to be your best self always, but don’t put the pressure of having to have it all now, or having to have this next thing be THE BIG THING.

What Lessons Have You Learned?

Share below the key lessons you’ve learned on the road to creating your dreams or at least fragments of them? What are some tough lessons you learned along the way? Thanks for sharing in the comments section below!

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I have consciously crafted my freedom lifestyle to align with everything I love most. I live in paradise on a small island with my wife and I am actively pursuing my life-long dream of playing professional golf. The way I fund my lifestyle is by creating transformatonial eCourses which have reached people in 27+ countries, producing comedy + music marketing videos with my best friends in my home studio and by coaching leaders and world-changers to rock their gifts and (#GSD) Get Shit Done while having fun!

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