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Most people believe that they haven’t reached their dream because they don’t know how to do it. The bigger the idea and the dream, the bigger the HOW! For many people, just three little letters H-O-W can become a gigantic mountain in the path.

Gth-LogoIn May, my husband and I will depart in a small prop plane, to fly 31,000 miles around the world, stopping in more than 45 cities in 41 countries to deliver at least 2,000 hugs per location- literally wrapping the world with 100,000 hugs. On this Global Hug Tour, we’ll gather inspiration and share an estimated $1,000,000 with important causes. It’s a big dream to make a big difference.

The first question everyone asks is “How are you going to do that?” To be honest, eleven weeks into the project, we still don’t know how. What we do know is what we are doing and more importantly why we’re doing it.

HOW seems to be a big, scary word and many times, it stops us in our tracks. Because we don’t know how to complete a project we don’t start it. We put our lives on hold because we don’t know how to achieve what we want.

Dreams go unanswered because we doubt our own abilities and believe we have to see the end of the staircase in order to take the first step.

In some ways moving forward in life is like bungee jumping- the first step is the only one that matters. We don’t have to know how to make a dream happen. Just look back at your past accomplishments and remember that you didn’t know how you were going to make those things happen either- but you did!

If we can take a baby stop forward each day focusing on what we want to accomplish and why, the method of how will appear.

When I’m stuck I have to remind myself that I’m not the best person to figure out how to get out of the mess I’m in- because it was me who got me there in the first place.

The same holds true when I look at HOW am I going to reach a goal.  I’m only looking at the options that I have the ability to see. What I can achieve is limited by the same thoughts that got me where I am today.

Alternatively, by staying true to what I want to accomplish and why I want to achieve the goal, greater possibilities open when I’m able to let go of how it happens. When I’m able to let go of the how, things happen that are so magical I couldn’t have planned them if I’d tried! Dove

You’ll reach your goal much faster if you put your time, energy and passion into determining what you want to do and why, and allow the method of how to show up and surprise you with unimaginable wonders. The more you do this, the better and faster it will work for you.

Know that when you take a step forward in faith, more of the how will be revealed to you. But if you wait for the complete how to show up before you start, ten years from now you’ll be where you are today, wondering why life has passed you by.

Remember, when the WHAT is important enough and the WHY is big enough, then the HOW will show up. Just take the first step.

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Gail Lynne Goodwin is the founder of, bringing the best inspiration to the world. provides free inspiration, each day from a new Inspirational Luminary, to a global community of folks from over 150 countries. Gail has interviewed many well-known names including Sir Richard Branson, Guy Laliberte, Seth Godin, Tony Hseih, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Gerber, Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield and hundreds more. According to Mashable, Gail was one of 2009's Top 25 Most Inspirational People on Twitter.

Prior to, Gail spent several years as manager for her recording artist daughter, Carly. As a result of the success of their co-penned song, "Baby Come Back Home", Gail accompanied her daughter to bases in the US and to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where Carly performed for our troops. Gail and Carly created the 'World's Longest Letter' of love and support and delivered the 18-mile long scroll on a month-long tour of Iraq and the Persian Gulf in 2006.

Gail is excited to present her latest course, Love in 21 Days, a step-by-step guide to finding love online. Love in 21 Days is founded on a logical process that has been tested - and proven! - by not only Gail, but also by students around the world who too have found love.

Gail is a published author and a regular writer for the Huffington Post. She offers mentoring and mastermind services to clients worldwide from her home in Whitefish, Montana. Follow Gail on Twitter or Google+.

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  1. Fabulous! I think sometimes if people build up their tolerance for the unknown by taking small steps, that can help. The way I try to look at it is this. I can only do one thing at a time anyway. If I focus on what’s next and do that, then do the same tomorrow, eventually I’ll get where I’m headed. Of course having a clear target helps. 🙂

  2. Sometimes I think dreams go unfulfilled because, as we grow and learn, our original dream-content refines itself and scares us. Or the very changes give us new doubts as to our ability and even IF we deserve to have or be the dream.

    Having that undeniable WHY, as you write, taking one step at a time, as Elizabeth says above, and accepting that we deserve what we’re willing to earn — are all key factors.

    My husband and I jumped out of an airplane two miles up the year we turned 50. A great dream realized.

    You can fly the globe and share your hugs because you want to. You’re willing to find the how-to. And you will have earned the fulfillment of having done it.

  3. With all the doom and gloom in the news, it is so refreshing and uplifting to read about your global hug project! I love that you haven’t got all the details ironed out yet and you are willing to “wing” it !! I have to repeat this again: in May you, along with your husband will fly in your small prop plane, 31,000 miles around the world, stopping in more than 45 cities in 41 countries to deliver at least 2,000 hugs per location- literally wrapping the world in hugs. What an amazing way to get to know our world! How close will you come to Milwaukee???

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