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My son teases me about my blog and when something happens he’ll say, “Oh no, she’s going to blog about this”. He’s even made a game out of it when we’re hiking where he’ll point to a tree or some other object and say something like, “What would your tree blog be about…”, and off I go. He affectionately makes fun of me, but in a playful way. He seems to think I could write a blog on just about anything.

I’m not sure it that’s a compliment or not, but regardless, it did get me thinking about the question- could I write a blog on anything? Can we be triggered by an inanimate object and find a deeper meaning in life? I believe the answer is yes- it’s there if we’re looking for it.

Yesterday that question was put to the test. I met a new friend in Montana who gave me a gift of a dozen eggs from her free range hens. This was the first time I’ve ever received eggs as a gift and that alone could have been a blog.

But what convinced me I had to blog about this experience is when I got home and opened the lid to this carton of eggs.P1050831

The eggs were beautiful and all very different from one another!

According to Forest Gump’s mother, ” Life is like a box of chocolates”, but I believe it’s more like a carton of eggs. Imagine my surprise when I opened the carton expecting to find the “normal” 12 white or brown eggs, but saw 12 eggs of all different colors and sizes. They were grey, tan, terracota, beige, ivory, white and even speckled ones.

I guess I knew eggs weren’t always alike, but I was struck by the variety in color, size, texture and pattern. Granted, they were just eggs, but because of their outward differences yet inner possibility, I was reminded of the days of our lives.

Each day we wake up and expect the day to  to look pretty much the same as the one before it- like a store-bought carton of eggs.

But, what if today were the day for you to open a carton of Montana farm eggs and realize the unique possibility in the next 24 hours? Could today, Sunday, be a brown one or a gray one, or perhaps the speckled one rather than a predictable white one?

Regardless of the color, shape or size, each day is a fragile gift that must be handled with love and care…. as it holds the power for greatness. Each of our days, just like these little eggs, holds the potential of birth, of life… for us and for our dreams.

As we turn our clocks ahead today and spring into Springtime, it’s a great time to look into our metaphorical carton of eggs and see what dreams are there for us to birth.  I’m going for the speckled one today.

Cherish this day for the gift that it truly is- unique, beautiful and full of incredible possibility- just like you. (But for now, I’m off to make an omelette). 🙂

p.s. Carol, thank you again for the lovely gift!

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  1. Ha, just like people they are all different sizes and colors yet still all the same inside 🙂
    It what happens alone the way if not handled with love and care that counts.
    some might crack and spoil, some might fall and break, some will get fried,some scrambled, some Hard Boiled, and the lucky ones will grow to be an healthy and happy chicken and start it all over again
    Your Son is right hahahahahaha

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