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We’ve all been there – a place that feels like hell on earth. And we ask ourselves the same question over and over: “Why me?”

Have you ever stopped to think about this continuous loop and how amazingly coincidental that it continues to happen over and over again? If your thoughts and beliefs are permanently fixed on the “why”, you will never have an opportunity to investigate the “what” for your life.

Life obstacles and traumas are inevitable and they happen for a reason. The sooner we learn the lesson, embrace change, and focus our thoughts on what we DO want versus what we DON’T want, the sooner we can begin to move from living hell to living well. Change is growth, and the only want to have a fulfilling life is to be willing to grow beyond your comfort zone into a place of peace and purpose.

You have all the tools you need to begin today. You didn’t arrive at this place of misery overnight, so don’t expect to feel better about your life overnight – it takes time. Sometimes your ship has to crash (friendSHIPS, relationSHIPS, etc.), in order to save your boat. Life’s rejections are Universe protections. The storms will pass; they always do.

Begin with acknowledgement. Recognize that you are miserable and admit it to yourself. Say it out loud, have a pity party, and then prepare yourself for a magnificent transformation.

Once you have mourned and grieved your past life, losses, failures, disappointments, and regrets, you can begin to slowly align thoughts around a better YOU. Begin each morning with a positive statement. It can be as simple as “I am worthy”.  Throughout the day, become more aware of your thoughts and where you are focusing your energy and attention.

As you consistently focus your thoughts on positive statements, you will eventually begin to feel and experience a change in your life.  I have been through tests, and I have many testimonies that this process WILL work. It has worked for me, and it can work for you too!

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Founder of C. Holloway Hill Enterprises, a certified Minority personal and professional development company, Cathy is an established Life Design Strategist & TV Talk Show Host. Her company’s mission is to devise strategies that promote performance excellence and empower others to achieve their personal and professional best. Cathy provides her clients with the tools and knowledge to take action, discover potential, embrace change, and unleash their brilliance.

In addition to her entrepreneurial work, Cathy has executive leadership experience with the global dynasty, IBM Corporation. She voluntarily walked away from a successful corporate career to focus on her life’s purpose of enhancing and advancing the lives of others. Her professional experience in the male-dominated technology industry affords her the ability to speak from the heart on many topics related to career and life success. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Executive Women International (EWI), a Guest Services Life Improvement Consultant for the Jeremy Kyle Talk Show and has been recognized with numerous leadership awards by major entities including the Governor’s office and the Indiana Commission for Women as a 2012 recipient of the Indiana Torchbearers award, the highest award presented to a woman in the State of Indiana by Governor Mitch Daniels. She has been featured in numerous regional and national publications including Today’s Woman, Her Scene, Black Enterprises, and Ebony Magazines.

Cathy has a B.S. in Computer Science, multiple Coaching Certifications, and a Masters in Psychology. She attained her BS in Computer Science & began her career at IBM Corporation at the impressive age of 19 years old. She broke the glass ceiling and had a record setting career being one of the few (and only) African American females successfully thriving in a male dominated tech industry.

Cathy is the author of Emotional Bailout and Lies, Love & Life. Her books are climbing the charts and have changed thousands of lives. Cathy’s weekly TV show Living By Design, airs each Sunday at 6 pm, on WHMB TV 40 out of Indianapolis and has a global viewership on YouTube with over 1.2 million views. Cathy has conducted interviews with countless A-list celebrities, including Dr. Maya Angelou, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank), and First Lady Michelle Obama (just to name a few). All interviews and TV  Shows are available on-demand.  Click HERE to visit The Living By Design You Tube page for empowering celebrity interviews!

Cathy’s website is and she can be reached directly at [email protected]

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