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Yesterday afternoon I took a break and went for a walk with my dog Koda along the shore of Flathead Lake, where we live in Northwest Montana. Flathead Lake is the largest lake west of the Mississippi- about 12 miles wide by more than 30 miles long. The shoreline of this alpine, mountain lake is very beautiful, covered with rocks of all shapes and sizes. P1050649

I needed a break from what could have been a stressful situation, so I went for a walk to play on the beach with Koda and reconnect with nature. Walking along the beach I started looking at the rocks. For some reason, the rocks in Montana look like Easter eggs to me. They are various shades of green, red, grey, blue and white and are simply gorgeous. I’m always fascinated by the shapes and intricacies of each rock. For me, it’s almost a form of meditation and I could spend hours looking at the variations.

After walking for a bit and thinking hard about this particular situation I decided to focus on what I was doing and let go of the situation. I allowed myself to just take in the beauty that surrounded me, be present and pay attention to what I was seeing IN THAT MOMENT. Something shifted.

They say you get what you’re focusing on and what you’re looking for, right? I went there to reconnect, to remember that I’m part of something so much bigger- and I found it. As I walked along the shoreline I kept seeing rocks shaped like hearts! I felt like the Universe had sent me a belated Valentine’s Day card- or 5 or 6 of them, all in the form of heart-shaped rocks. As silly as it sounds, I felt loved. I felt like I mattered. And, I felt like the situation that  could have been perceived as problem, didn’t matter at all.
In that moment, my day changed. I don’t think it was a coincidence that these rocks were there when I needed their message. I’m sure they’ve been there- on this same beach- all along. What was different was my intention. I was looking for reconnection. I was looking for confirmation that I mattered.

Through the beauty of Nature, I was once again reminded that I am an infinite being with unlimited possibility. If the Universe could put heart-shaped rocks in my path to show me how much I am loved, then certainly what I perceived as a problem was nothing more than a tiny bump in the road. I have the choice how to react to whatever shows up, and I’m choosing to react from a place of balance and calm rather than from fear. I choose love, knowing that I am loved.

Take some time for you today to reconnect in whatever way works best for you. Perhaps you’ll find heart-shaped leaves or dollar sign shaped clouds. Whatever you need to find for you will be there, just like my heart-shaped rocks were there for me. There’s something very magical about this and I can’t wait to hear your stories. Please share with us what you find on your path.

May your day be filled with sunshine and may you remember the depth of your own magnificence.



p.s. Can you see the six hearts in the picture or am I just crazy?? 🙂

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  1. Where do I begin. First, I want to live there…. what a way to re-connect with nature.. all the life in the lake trees, stones, earth. Nature can be our best teacher and friend. She can help us ground, let go and remind us of what truly important is important in life. When you are connected with nature, the possibilities are infinite as you are part of the greater whole. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is what nature is about. YOU ARE LOVED, for you are a part of the greater whole.

    When I saw you connected with the stone people (rocks) and saw heart rocks, it just reminded me that all you saw was love and that is why you could reconnect with the source of all. I have “collected” heart stones for a long time. Certain ones call out to me and surround my dwelling, not only reminding me of that love is exists, yet tells me WE ARE LOVE.

    When you really start to observe, in the clouds you will find hearts, in the wood, in the shapes of leaves. Hearts are everywhere always reminding us, that LOVE does exist and you are love and loved.

    Perception is exactly it. We have the ability to change that. What was a major stressor to you was now “just a bump” in the road. Much better than thinking it was a mountain you had to climb.

    Isn’t it amazing at what we can learn when we observe what is around us. What calls to us is what is needed at that moment in time.

    I surely don’t want to repeat your blog, I just smiled when I saw the heart stones. What a wonderful way to re-connect with yourself and the source of all that is.

  2. Raven, I’m happy to send you one of the heart stones- if I can find it again…. Email me your address. 🙂 Thanks for your loving comments.


  3. Those hearts seem unmistakable to me, Gail! So many of them! What a love-filled message from the Universe!

    My father passed away in 1994. Although he was elderly, his death was still unexpected. I was pregnant with my youngest daughter at the time. There were so many things I needed to do. I had a 4 year old daughter, who needed my time and attention. My mother was sad and feeling lonely, and there were so many details to take care of with my father’s estate. I was in a challenging marriage, and felt completely overwhelmed by everything.

    One morning, as I was preparing my breakfast, I started to peel a banana when something caught my eye. The peel had quite a few tiny brown spots on it, but in the very center, there were two much larger brown spots, and they were shaped like perfect hearts. My four year old saw me staring at the banana and asked if something was wrong with it. I showed it to her, and she said, “Those are beautiful hearts! Did you draw those on there?” I told her that I didn’t and she said, “Well, I guess Grandpa just wanted us to know that he still loves us, even though he died.”

    The Universe always finds a way to let us know, we are loved! Thank you for the wonder-full story and pictures, Gail!

  4. Everyday I ask for messages from the Universe and when I take my walks with my dog, sometimes she leads me in different directions and at first I begin to pull her the way I want to go, then I realize she may be leading me to what I need to see, and sure enough, nature’s gifts appear in my newfound path. My dog’s name means, stream, so she is a constant reminder to Go with the flow! Thanks for sharing your rock hearts, think I will check the rocks out on Swan Lake today.

  5. The last 6 years have been rough. My brother committed suicide.Our father passed away a few months later.Lost my home and almost lost my marriage.Valentine’s Day 2015 I went hiking and admired the whole view.Talked to god a bit in my head and he doesn’t answer back of course.I was about done with the hike when in my path i came across a heart shaped rock. One side is rose colored and the other side is grey or brown.Coincidence i think not.

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