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By Carly Alyssa Thorne.

Life is amazing. We all have our OWN unique filter – perception. What might be true to one person may not be so for another.  So here is the thing…. In life sometimes our journey isn’t always easy, and we have choices on how we are choosing to perceive the situation and not only that, how we are choosing to either react and/or act.

AnglesprespectivesLook at this picture. There is so much to see, yet everyone may be drawn to certain aspects of the picture: the water, the sunset, the angles or the different compartments, if you will, made by the trees branches….

So, where am I going with all of this? Simple. When in situations that may not be so wonderful and or comfortable… stop, breathe, and then truly take the time to take in the situation. Feel it, look at it, and listen to what your heart is saying. Then, and only then, make the decision of how you are choosing to react and/or act.

Some people look at hardships and see losses. I only see opportunities. Why… the things we have been through in our life have been opportunities of self-discovery and choices on shrinking into self or blossoming out of self. Through the blossoming of self, we have been opened to new possibilities and outcomes. And in being open, we are now in a space of Conscious Co-Creation, if you will, with the Universe… saying, “Yes, I am ready for more.”  Not only that, you never know who has been waiting to hear your pearls of wisdom. We are all teachers for each other.

Expand your horizons and be willing to see and listen to others’ points of view- their perspectives… It is a very diverse world out there with many paths of wisdom. If you automatically close your mind to another’s point of view, then whether you like it or not, you are missing out on some amazing golden nuggets and “AHA!” moments. There is NOTHING gained in opposition, however there is LOTS gained in being open-minded and neutral in a moment, so that from there you get to learn something and then choose what to do with information.

I love learning from all types of people. I love the different angles and perceptions. It expands my mind, body and spirit. It challenges me and makes me discover new things, new ways, and new people. It also pushes me out of my comfort zone. And, it is ONLY when we are out of our comfort zones that we truly grow. That is where much divine wisdom lies: outside the circle of status quo.

Stretch yourself, be positive, and know that you can do anything you set your mind to!

“We are the Actors/Actresses, Writers, Editors, Producers, Directors, and Co-Creators of Our Lives. We Can Create Anything, Anytime… Let’s Do It. Enjoy the Journey!” ~ Carly Alyssa Thorne

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Carly Alyssa Thorne is the creator of Transformations Life Center and Transformations Life Productions. She is all about complete transformations of mind, body, business and spirit. Carly is an educator, speaker, wellness and fitness expert, producer, consultant and overall muse.

She lives her life from a paying it forward mentality each and everyday. Her core beliefs are that life is all about sharing, collaboration and teamwork. Carly's passion is creating, producing, directing multi-sensory awakening, grounded multi-media content.

Started out in the wellness, coaching field in 1986 consulting businesses, families, the entertainment industry and individuals on the mind, body, spirit connection.

Carly's chief aim is to bridge the east and the west using various methodologies.

A process that includes taking clients from Cocoon to Flight™ Thru Learning, Playing, & Growing™ thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation.™

Carly alyssa thorne opened her 1st conscious business in 1988 called Learning, Playing & Growing, Inc., empowering individuality, through arts, education, play and organic healthy nutrition and lifestyle. This is where her passion and curiosity grew about the the mind, body, spirit connections working with children, hospice and the disabled population of all types and ages.

The spirit of the disabled empowered her, to also look within and transform her own conflicts from having grown up with severe abuse and undergoing 26 surgeries to date as of 2012.

Her last wellness center was back east in 2002 - Celestial Wellness & Fitness studio, a boutique business she created after having lost her consulting job on medical cases for a fitness firm she worked for at world trade center tower #2. Having missed the planes by one hour, Carly got clear on a few things: Life is precious and I want to reach out to as many people as I possibly can through consulting and media.

Carly is currently in the process of writing several books.

For more information, please visit

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  1. So with you, Carly, we are victims to our perception, glad you sent this gentle reminder to open our and broaden our horizons – thanks!

  2. For me the changes are drastic and most of the time feel lost and don’t know how to get out. My life changed 360% when my husband passed away and I don’t know how to move ahead.

    1. Rosa, Blessings on your Loss… And Understand what You are saying based on My husband committed suicide. What I can say is there is NO shame in asking for help or going to get help… If You can’t afford it, there are also plenty of Organizations out there to help… It literally is first accepting what is… Next truly wanting to move ahead and then taking Action of SOME Kind each and every day… Going outside in nature, being around other people etc… I truly hope You find what is out there to help guide you back to a life full of Joy… It is attainable.

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