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Carly Alyssa Thorne is the creator of Transformations Life Center and Transformations Life Productions. She is all about complete transformations of mind, body, business and spirit. Carly is an educator, speaker, wellness and fitness expert, producer, consultant and overall muse.

She lives her life from a paying it forward mentality each and everyday. Her core beliefs are that life is all about sharing, collaboration and teamwork. Carly's passion is creating, producing, directing multi-sensory awakening, grounded multi-media content.

Started out in the wellness, coaching field in 1986 consulting businesses, families, the entertainment industry and individuals on the mind, body, spirit connection.

Carly's chief aim is to bridge the east and the west using various methodologies.

A process that includes taking clients from Cocoon to Flight™ Thru Learning, Playing, & Growing™ thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation.™

Carly alyssa thorne opened her 1st conscious business in 1988 called Learning, Playing & Growing, Inc., empowering individuality, through arts, education, play and organic healthy nutrition and lifestyle. This is where her passion and curiosity grew about the the mind, body, spirit connections working with children, hospice and the disabled population of all types and ages.

The spirit of the disabled empowered her, to also look within and transform her own conflicts from having grown up with severe abuse and undergoing 26 surgeries to date as of 2012.

Her last wellness center was back east in 2002 - Celestial Wellness & Fitness studio, a boutique business she created after having lost her consulting job on medical cases for a fitness firm she worked for at world trade center tower #2. Having missed the planes by one hour, Carly got clear on a few things: Life is precious and I want to reach out to as many people as I possibly can through consulting and media.

Carly is currently in the process of writing several books.

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Make The Choice To Grow

Life is precious and so are you... Value, love, and embrace each and every minute. Today is a new day and I am ready... Are you? I am in deep gratitude for all that I have learned in my 47 years and counting. Some lessons were fun, some painful, and in each there was always a choice: to grow or not. I invite you to learn from my mistakes and enjoy the journey of self and others by following these reminders: Listen to your body. The mind, body, spirit connection is a vast field of multi-sensory information that is always a…

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Ask a Luminary

How Can I Stay Positive?

"I'm dealing with difficulty in my life right now that is affecting my health. I'm normally such a positive person. This situation is really taking its toll on me and I just don't know how to stay positive anymore. What can I do?" ~ Sally, Green Bay, Wisconsin Dear Sally, The best thing for staying positive is to remember that what we focus on expands, so here are a few great tips. Music is amazing for raising our vibration, our mood even when we don’t feel well or positive. Force a smile on your face, it will immediately change the physiology…

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Learning, Playing, Growing

Why is that, once we grow up, we think we have to stop playing? Actually, once we grow up, it is  even more important we continually find ways to bring the fun back into our lives. It is through playing that we are stimulating our senses - all of our senses, our entire multi-sensory being. The old saying "use it or lose it" is quite true. If you watch children, they learn by doing, but they also learn through playing. The same applies whether we are young or old. Our brains need that stimulus -- or  it gets dull and less…

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Why Waste Your Energy Worrying?

Are you wasting your energy on the could of's, should of's, would if's, but's, feeling guilty, etc...? If so, here are some things to think about: Staying in the worry - guilt - would of's, could of's - keeps you STUCK in the past. Imagine... if you spent all of that energy focusing on who, what, when, and where you wanted to be, do & become now. Nobody is perfect, we all have a past - own it - learn from it. Learn to LOVE ALL of you. The past? Let it go and forgive yourself and others. The present? No matter…

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Never Ever Regret Your Past…

A friend of mine wrote on his wall one day on Facebook, right after the New Year: "What Do You Regret ?" My response was: Everything and Nothing... So let me explain my answer. Everything, because if I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently.  And... Nothing, because everything I have been through has made me into who I am today. Now... here is where clients will tell me, Well... I don't like who I am now...  My response to my clients when they tell me this is the following. First of all, we all…

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When was the last time you called or emailed just because…?

When was the last time you just called or emailed to tell someone, Thank You, I Love You, I Appreciate You, just because, and for one other reason? In today's day and age of the world of technology and internet, we often forget and  take for granted the people around us, who support us. I write a lot about Paying it Forward and The Ripple Effect. Think about this. Imagine if every boss, friend, mother, father, said Thank You, anytime you did something that supported them or helped them in any way. Imagine what a society we would have, if we all…

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Within Darkness, There Is Always Light

Sometimes, we are in so much pain we forget that within that spiral of darkness, there is light. Sometimes we just need to step beyond our shadow, look at it, and see what it is attempting to tell us, teach us. The day I took this picture, I was playing with my shadows at a sand dune on a golf course and when I looked at my iPhone and saw the picture, it brought back waves of reflection of the days of youth where I was trapped within this shadow of fear, pain, and deep sorrow and loss. The biggest…

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What Ripple Effect Are You Creating ?

It always amazes me when people give me the following reasons why they cannot give... I am just one person I don't have enough money I am not educated enough Who is going to listen to me ? Etc... Etc... Etc... EVERY person on this planet, no matter how rich or how poor, can do SOMETHING.... Get creative. Think of ways you can give without spending a dime to ways you can contribute if you are a Millionaire. We all have something to give-contribute. Do you know one of the greatest gifts of giving is an EAR...? Listening to someone,…

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What Are You Hearing, Seeing, Feeling ?

By Carly Alyssa Thorne. Life is amazing. We all have our OWN unique filter - perception. What might be true to one person may not be so for another.  So here is the thing.... In life sometimes our journey isn't always easy, and we have choices on how we are choosing to perceive the situation and not only that, how we are choosing to either react and/or act. Look at this picture. There is so much to see, yet everyone may be drawn to certain aspects of the picture: the water, the sunset, the angles or the different compartments, if…

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