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It always amazes me when people give me the following reasons why they cannot give…

  • I am just one person
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I am not educated enough
  • Who is going to listen to me ?
  • Etc… Etc… Etc…

ActofkindnessEVERY person on this planet, no matter how rich or how poor, can do SOMETHING….

Get creative. Think of ways you can give without spending a dime to ways you can contribute if you are a Millionaire. We all have something to give-contribute.

Do you know one of the greatest gifts of giving is an EAR…? Listening to someone, giving them a flower from your garden, a book you are done reading, some leftover food, or baking someone some cookies, hand-me-down clothes, offering to give someone a ride, picking someone up, carpooling, saying a simple THANK YOU… the list is endless.

All of these things are a result of THE RIPPLE EFFECT.

What we do – the Acts of Kindness create a Ripple Effect way beyond what we can even begin to comprehend.

Our words are powerful… What we say impacts many lives beyond our own. That time we teased someone, the time we said “Thank You” to someone – both had an impact that led to something and then something else.

WecreatetherippleeffectYou never know what someone needs to hear. Every word we say creates a Ripple, and someone, somewhere is waiting to hear exactly what you have to say – that “Aha” moment when somebody suggested something and it was exactly what you needed to hear.  Never take for granted the wisdom you have to share.

Even if your Life wasn’t pretty and you had struggles: share them. The fact that you are still breathing and sharing your story empowers others to know that if you can do it , so can they.

Everything we go through in life is a chance to learn, play and grow from. Every day we wake up is a choice to be in a positive mood or a cranky mood.

I will also say live with NO REGRETS… and that means not regretting your past struggles. Why do I say that? Because what you have been through has made you into the YOU you are today.

Now this is where people will tell me, “Well if I have had a past of struggles and that has made me into a sad, broke person, why would I not want to regret that?” I say this to those who think that… When you finally get so sick and tired of being sick and tired, you will either make the choice to rise above the past and/or situations or sink beneath and live in victimhood.

All of life is about Attitude. Your Attitude about everything in life is the key to stepping beyond the regret of the past and instead choosing to thank the past and step into an Attitude of Gratitude. And from that space… I have seen Miracles happen.

I encourage everyone to step into their greatness… live their Passion… and to never stop dreaming….

Enjoy the journey.

Another Midnight Production Written by: ©2013 Carly Alyssa Thorne

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Carly Alyssa Thorne is the creator of Transformations Life Center and Transformations Life Productions. She is all about complete transformations of mind, body, business and spirit. Carly is an educator, speaker, wellness and fitness expert, producer, consultant and overall muse.

She lives her life from a paying it forward mentality each and everyday. Her core beliefs are that life is all about sharing, collaboration and teamwork. Carly's passion is creating, producing, directing multi-sensory awakening, grounded multi-media content.

Started out in the wellness, coaching field in 1986 consulting businesses, families, the entertainment industry and individuals on the mind, body, spirit connection.

Carly's chief aim is to bridge the east and the west using various methodologies.

A process that includes taking clients from Cocoon to Flight™ Thru Learning, Playing, & Growing™ thru Creative Conscious Co-Creation.™

Carly alyssa thorne opened her 1st conscious business in 1988 called Learning, Playing & Growing, Inc., empowering individuality, through arts, education, play and organic healthy nutrition and lifestyle. This is where her passion and curiosity grew about the the mind, body, spirit connections working with children, hospice and the disabled population of all types and ages.

The spirit of the disabled empowered her, to also look within and transform her own conflicts from having grown up with severe abuse and undergoing 26 surgeries to date as of 2012.

Her last wellness center was back east in 2002 - Celestial Wellness & Fitness studio, a boutique business she created after having lost her consulting job on medical cases for a fitness firm she worked for at world trade center tower #2. Having missed the planes by one hour, Carly got clear on a few things: Life is precious and I want to reach out to as many people as I possibly can through consulting and media.

Carly is currently in the process of writing several books.

For more information, please visit

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  1. Never stop dreaming! Love it. Re volunteering — after 9/11, I was at a conference where some people were talking about how they just didn’t have time between work, the gym, and their social life to give back. When I got home, I started looking for a way to volunteer. As I worked a LOT and traveled almost weekly, it was a challenge to think of something that would work. Then, I found that the +The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc was looking for foster homes for cats. I have a big house and I was already bringing in a petsitter to care for them when I traveled, so I figured why not? I had to stop fostering a few years ago due to allergies, and shifted my volunteering to helping with social media. I think I’ve gained far more from the experience than I’ve given.

    1. Thank You So Much Heather… I Love to Inspire and Empower Others… And You know what is also inspire and empower me when am having my own day of whatever… That is the beauty of Life… Enjoy The Journey

  2. “EVERY person on this planet, no matter how rich or how poor, can do SOMETHING….”

    Exactly, Carly! We should all believe in the ripple effect, if we want to have an impact.

  3. I agree with you. Very important is the attitude we take towards life. This in us be positive and constructive, or go for a different place. I really appreciate that talk about this. It is very inspiring

  4. Thank you, Carly for writing this inspiring post! Giving is an issue very close to my heart. I give food to others. Sometimes I make small donations. I offer gifts to friends … because I feel like giving. It makes me happy.

    Yet, for years, I have been struggling with ignoring the fact that others may not do the same. The day when I changed my attitude, as you conclude in the post, I tapped into inner freedom. I decided to keep on giving.

    My attitude changed as a result of changing the way I relate to others: in terms of similarities. We are all connected in many ways, but the most miraculous connection is at the soul level. If I start giving, maybe others will do the same, at some other time and place.

    Ultimately, the more people start giving, the better harmony we will be able to feel around.

  5. Wonderful post I did a blog post
    on this awhile back.

    There so much you can do with
    out spending a dime. Saying hello
    giving a smile to some one, trash
    men or women give them a drink
    in the summer and winter. you can
    do the same with mail man or women.

    Thanks for the reminder

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