You Hold the Power to Change

You underestimate your ability to modify the person you are. While humans are spiritual and complex creatures, they are also simple machines, and everything about us can be parsed down to a one or a zero. Your being is a collection of points of data that you are free to manipulate to a large degree, and if you are dissatisfied with yourself, it’s likely that the power to change is entirely within your hands. Anything about your person which you lack, but which is demonstrably obtainable by human beings, is obtainable to you. Confidence? You can build it. Defy the voice that… Read more.

Knowing I can inspire a beautiful day within myself first is the most powerful tool I have to inspire a beautiful life – day by day.

The Power of Truth

For a few minutes let’s discuss the POWER OF TRUTH and how you can harness it to Manifest Your Greatness. Lying to yourself is not the way to increase the power in your life. Lying drains energy at the mental, emotional, spiritual and molecular level. Here’s the problem — you lie to yourself all the time. You just don’t know it. You don’t believe me? See if these lies sound familiar: “There is no way I can ________” “I’m not good enough to_______” “I don’t have what it takes to _______” “If I don’t get _____ I will never be… Read more.

Become a Partner in Change

We can all personally take steps to halt injustice or alleviate suffering on our own, and certainly our individual efforts can bring about substantial goodness and change. However, when we empower others to join us, our collective efforts reverberate like a pebble hitting the water… and our effectiveness grows exponentially, often in ways we would not have imagined. If we presume that others bring meaningful information and dialogue to the table, they will come through in ways that they themselves often didn’t expect. In communities in which suffering is chronic due to poverty, social isolation or even natural disaster, a… Read more.

Become ‘EmpowHER’ed to Take Back Your Health

How Self Esteem May Be Holding You Back

I recently read an interesting excerpt from the book NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. The book focuses on teaching and parenting styles, but I think it also provides an interesting glance into the power of self-empowerment over self-esteem. Let me try to explain how I see the difference between self-esteem and self-empowerment. Self-esteem comes from the praise of others, therefore it is outside ourselves and something we can not control. Self-esteem is based on the belief in unchanging facts, like “you are smart.” Self-esteem is a noun. It is a descriptor. On the other… Read more.

What To Remember As You Journey Through Life

Everybody has a past. What makes yours different from everyone else’s is that you actually lived and survived yours. Your life shoes were fitted for you and not for anyone else. Your past only shows where you have been. Your today dictates where you are going. Don’t let your past dictate where you are going. Understanding where you were in life, in comparison to where you are, will help you to be able to understand where you are going. Only look back on your life to see how far you have gone. It’s not meant for you to stay looking… Read more.

How Do You Let Go of the Past?

I watched with great interest the various shows commemorating of the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of our 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Having only been 2 years old at the time, I’m a little fascinated that it feels like it means so much to me. I’m sure it has to do with the impact on everyone around me at that time, that as an energetic being, I absorbed, without even knowing what it was I was feeling. I know my family was devastated. My brother and I stayed with my Grandmother while my parents made the pilgrimage to see Kennedy lying in state, which Mom later captured… Read more.

Why It’s Important to Live Life in Pencil

Trying Helps, But Doing is What Matters + 5 Tips to “Do” Happiness

We’ve all heard it a million times: “Actions speak louder than words.” Action is dynamic. It moves and morphs with life. And yet at times we fall back onto “trying” to make something happen as opposed to proactively doing something about the trying. Have you been using a lot of “couldas”,” wouldas”, “shouldas”, maybes, tries and mights lately? It’s time to ditch the conditional-speak. Thinking in this frame of mind puts us in a bind. Why try when you could simply do? Why would when you can? By allowing our lives to be framed in maybes, we’re giving away all… Read more.

Sponsored: Strategies for the Very Serious Business of Happiness

Often, we think of our professional lives as defining of our success as a human being. This is apparent at any social gathering where what we do as a career becomes the center of conversation. Indeed, what we “do” as a profession is important to our economic sustainability. However, the real question, the one that speaks to the heart of the matter of our sustainable wellbeing is: how happy are we in what we do regardless of what our “business” might be? In my coaching practice, workshops and on Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, I emphasize the need to show up for… Read more.

Taking on God’s Role

By Michael Cupo. When we judge, we take on the role of God. Who am I to think I know what’s best for anyone else unless I think I know all? And who can claim to know all but God? We all breathe the same air and are dependent on the same elements for our existence, but it seems our mind is conditioned to focus more on our differences than our similarities. It is only a thought that creates a judgment that makes a concept or belief about something. We all want to defend what we believe is the right way… Read more.

Why Waste Your Energy Worrying?

Are you wasting your energy on the could of‘s, should of‘s, would if‘s, but’s, feeling guilty, etc…? If so, here are some things to think about: Staying in the worry – guilt – would of‘s, could of‘s – keeps you STUCK in the past. Imagine… if you spent all of that energy focusing on who, what, when, and where you wanted to be, do & become now. Nobody is perfect, we all have a past – own it – learn from it. Learn to LOVE ALL of you. The past? Let it go and forgive yourself and others. The present? No matter… Read more.

Never Ever Regret Your Past…

A friend of mine wrote on his wall one day on Facebook, right after the New Year: “What Do You Regret ?” My response was: Everything and Nothing… So let me explain my answer. Everything, because if I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently.  And… Nothing, because everything I have been through has made me into who I am today. Now… here is where clients will tell me, Well… I don’t like who I am now…  My response to my clients when they tell me this is the following. First of all, we all… Read more.

Rescue Yourself!

Life’s a bumpy road; we can all agree on that. You’re not going to avoid it. Stuff just happens. The trick is to avoid falling into the ten foot holes. Chances are, no one will be there with an eleven foot ladder to help you out. What I mean is don’t walk around with the expectation that someone else is going to rescue you, fix it for you, or bail you out. This message is especially aimed at young women. Someone may have taught you that having a man in your life will ‘fix everything’. That a man will take… Read more.

Under Construction: The Sign I Wear Mentally !

A famous psychologist (his first name is Phil) talks about the fact that we all have pivotal points in our lives; crossroads, if you will, where we can turn down a path of self-pity, victimism, feeling anger at the world and an urge to ‘give up’. Or turning the other way and seeking empowerment, happiness, and a full life. In August of 2006, I experienced a harsh, heartbreaking pivotal point in my life when my husband of thirty years died suddenly. He took his own life. Sure, I knew he was going through some kind of mid-life crisis or other…. Read more.

What Ripple Effect Are You Creating ?

It always amazes me when people give me the following reasons why they cannot give… I am just one person I don’t have enough money I am not educated enough Who is going to listen to me ? Etc… Etc… Etc… EVERY person on this planet, no matter how rich or how poor, can do SOMETHING…. Get creative. Think of ways you can give without spending a dime to ways you can contribute if you are a Millionaire. We all have something to give-contribute. Do you know one of the greatest gifts of giving is an EAR…? Listening to someone,… Read more.

Overpower the past… Empower the Present!

I was the baby in the family, born 11 and 8 years, respectively, after my siblings. Not until just a few years ago did I hear that my mother “farmed out” my sister and brother to strangers. The term usually referred to children who were sent to a relative back in the day, but in my siblings’ case it was an indenture. My brother and sister had to work for their keep,  ages six and 11. They told me these stories as part of my research while writing Wild Violets, a romanticized version of my Mother as a flapper and entrepreneur in the 1920’s in… Read more.

Do You Doubt Yourself? Life Lessons from Great Authors

I ran across a description of one of my enemies… DOUBT! Author Jacqueline Winspear wrote: “Doubt. Was it an emotion? A sense? Or was it just a short stubby word to describe a response that could diminish a person in a finger snap?” And while I most times write my blog and how it relates to the art of writing, I had a thought.  THIS COULD APPLY TO LIFE [AND HOW WE LIVE IT]  AS WELL! I’ve written before about my being in good company.  Regardless of whether we writers are obscure or famous, we all doubt ourselves and our work.  What if Henry Charles… Read more.

What Are You Hearing, Seeing, Feeling ?

By Carly Alyssa Thorne. Life is amazing. We all have our OWN unique filter – perception. What might be true to one person may not be so for another.  So here is the thing…. In life sometimes our journey isn’t always easy, and we have choices on how we are choosing to perceive the situation and not only that, how we are choosing to either react and/or act. Look at this picture. There is so much to see, yet everyone may be drawn to certain aspects of the picture: the water, the sunset, the angles or the different compartments, if… Read more.

Journaling Empowers

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Journaling empowers the world’s number one nurturers: mothers. As a mom and family caregiver, you are a multi-tasking advisor. You give to others and juggle your time. Are you a woman who does not have time to take care of herself? Journaling is an excellent way to get past the problem. If you’re a man who found this site, you likely have many traits in common with women who nurture. Writing gives perspective. According to university studies, writing saves lives as it restores sanity and balance. Do not underestimate its power. Journaling helps you explore and… Read more.