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By Tara Taylor.

I frequently get asked what my belief is on the difference between fate and free will is. Fate is that we are meant to meet certain people in our lives and then free will is what we choose to do with that encounter of the situation.

Fate is that we all receive messages from the divine; free will is our choice on what we will do with that message.

The best way to help you choose a higherself solution is to ask yourself:

“Am I treating others the way I would like to be treated?”

No matter what answer you receive back from that voice inside, ask to be guided to find the solution so that you feeling balanced, loved and have room to grow in the relationship.

We have choice/freewill on “how” we want to experience our life here and we can manifest as much as we want as long as it is aligned with the higher good of yourself and others.

Choose your thoughts wisely and think about a solution!

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Tara Taylor is an internationally known intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker and HayHouse author. She has been featured internationally in newspapers, radio and television, and has helped many people through her workshops, seminars, and public speaking on understanding the ego and intuition.

Tara is one of the contributing authors to the Amazon bestseller, Manifesting Success: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams and co-author of HayHouse Publishing’s first YA series, Through Indigo’s Eyes and Becoming Indigo. (Both books are International Amazon Best Sellers.)

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