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1. Happiness and fulfillment come from getting the results you want – whether it’s developing personal relationships or changing the world. The path is seldom easy, but the formula for success is: 1) Know where you want to go 2) Take action toward that goal 3) Learn from the feedback to adapt your course 4) Take more action, and 5) Keep repeating these steps until you get there.

2. Small changes add up. Be endlessly curious, always look for opportunities to learn and improve. A slight change in your path today will lead to a massively different outcome down the road.

3. Live lightly and inspire others to do the same – together we will protect the planet.

4. See yourself as a leader, as a Force for Good. You are as you see yourself. Helping others feels good and creates a self-reinforcing cycle of goodness.

5. Surround yourself with ambitious peers. You become what you do and who you hang out with.

6. I am in complete control of my happiness. “Good” and “Bad” things don’t happen. Things happen – but they have no meaning other than what I give them.

7. Put health at the top of your priorities list. To live full out, to achieve your goals and be a positive force for good requires energy and vitality.

8. Always face reality, but look for the good, and humor, in it. Focus on opportunities (not problems).

9. Be different. Be out-standing – literally. Nothing outstanding ever comes from the norm.

10. Have a child, adopt a child or at least teach a child. I have found no greater joy in life than learning from, and helping, children.

11. Love because it feels good to love, not for what they give you in response. Love and relationships are the foundation for true happiness.

12. Everything we do, we do to seek pleasure and avoid pain. All human behavior is explained through this lens. Anger is simply a reflection of inner pain.

13. Pain is a great motivator – take advantage of failures and rejection to motivate you to improve. Don’t distract yourself or dull it. “The best revenge is massive success.” (Sinatra).

14. Make fear your friend. Fears reveal our true human needs. Turn fear into a powerful positive motivating force by finding empowering ways to meet those needs.

15. Knowledge is not power. Getting results is power. The more action you take, the more mistakes you make, the faster you’ll learn how to get the results you want.

16. We get what we absolutely need, never less, and usually nothing more. Raise your standards to improve your results.

17. Always go above and beyond what anyone would expect of you. It takes self discipline, hard work, and tenacity to be successful. Revel in those qualities, while recognizing results are the ultimate measure of success.

18. Amazing opportunities come via great accomplishments. Great accomplishments require breakthroughs. Breakthroughs mean entering into the uncomfortable unknown… so get comfortable with chaos.

19. Recognize your good fortune. Fill your heart with gratitude every day. If it weren’t for circumstance and luck – which could turn at any moment – you could be the one needing a helping hand.

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Randy Paynter is the founder and CEO of Care2. With over 16 million members, is the largest online community of people making a difference in healthy & green living, human rights and animal welfare. Care2 empowers individuals to "Make a Difference" with daily actions, healthy living advice, news and blogs on causes, petitions and more. Care2 is a certified B Corporation. Randy holds an AB from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business. 

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  1. Thank you for this great post..I can feel it ,that it comes straight from your heart! Keep up the good work !

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