3 Important Lessons For Your Financial Life

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If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • Not long after I started my financial planning firm in 1995, I discovered something that was never taught to me in business school. It’s the notion that every person has their own unique and personal relationship with money.

    I consistently saw how my clients’ emotions were responsible for how they made money, how they kept it, or conversely, how they accumulated debt. Therefore, I’ve made it my mission, and have built a successful practice, on delving into the emotion and psychology behind my clients’ monetary issues. I’ve found that by digging deep and really understanding my clients, I am able to put them on a financial path that is right for them, and only them.

    It’s my hope that everyone discovers financial abundance by opening their eyes to the possibilities of a new reality- a reality filled with happiness, prosperity and inner peace. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years:

    Be true to yourself.
    Answer this question: What is the most important thing in your life? Is it your spouse, kids, siblings, parents, your health, career, hobby, pets? Now think about how you are currently living your life. Are the two consistent? For much of my life, I was living a life of inconsistency and could have manifested happiness (and wealth) much faster had I listened to my inner compass.

    Open your world to the possibility that you can achieve your innermost desires and dreams. And don’t let anything stop you from reaching these goals. Whether it’s starting your own business, becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom, or traveling the world, find this passion and live it.

    Do what you are passionate about, the money will follow!
    Like most people, I always thought that if you had millions, life was better. I also always thought that the surest sign of wealth was having lots of stuff, and that stuff was the key to happiness. I’ve since learned that my life doesn’t have to be dictated by money. And your’s doesn’t either! Wealthy people are not necessarily the ones who have more. The richest people are the ones who put their passions at the center of their universe. When you are living a life of passion, the money will follow! Wealth is truly a state of mine. It involves being rich in every facet of your life.

    Harmonize your financial, family and personal worlds,
    Many of those I have counseled over the years are filled with shame, blame and guilt. Often times this is because they are dedicating too much of themselves to one area of their life. If you focus on the financials, you are likely at the office for the majority of the day, and then feeling guilty for missing out on quality time with family and friends. When your life is off-balance, happiness will never be achieved. An important step on your financial journey to happiness and abundance is to define your ideal life from every aspect. Once you acknowledge what this is, create a personalized plan to realize these ideals.

    In closing, abundance isn’t just money. It’s also about tapping into what you truly value — joy, hope, honesty, love and compassion. Find your inner desire, follow it and you will truly have it all — money and happiness!

    Julie Murphy Casserly

    Julie Murphy Casserly, CLU, ChFC, MBA, CFP®, is a 16-year veteran of the financial services industry and author of the book, The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out. Julie’s mission is to “financially heal the world” by helping people understand their emotions behind money, and how these attitudes affect how they earn, spend and save – or, conversely, accumulate debt. It is Julie’s practice to delve into the emotion and psychology behind her clients’ monetary issues, spending patterns and behavior. Only by digging deep and really understanding her clients does she feel she can lead them on the right path. A Chicago-based entrepreneur, Julie founded JMC Wealth Management, Inc. in 2000. She works with more than 2,500 clients worldwide on all aspects of their financial portfolios including investment asset allocation and risk management, insurance needs, retirement planning, business planning, college planning and estate planning. Julie considers understanding each client's personal life strategy, goals, and dreams to be the key that enables her to create truly personalized financial plans. Julie is a graduate of the University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign School of Business where she earned a Bachelor of Science in finance. She earned an MBA from The University of Notre Dame in 2005.

    For more information, please visit juliemurphycasserly.com.

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